Philip Rivers looked like a Pro Bowl quarterback against a Titans' defense that was on the field for what seemed like the whole game.

Rivers was confident and made some great throws to lead the Chargers to victory for the second straight week.

Rivers had never lost to the Titans since becoming a starter in the NFL and nothing changed this week. It seems like he just has their number.  Rivers stat line ended like this: 24 of 32 for 284 yards, 3 touchdowns, and an interception.

Chris Johnson was horrendous again for the Titans.  After rushing for 11 yards last week, he came out and rushed for 17 total yards.

It seems like Johnson has completely lost the ability to rush at all.  When he gets the ball he is cutting two or three times before he tries to turn up field.  The offensive line is not helping, but we see other top tier running backs performing effectively with sub par offensive lines every week.

The Titans are going to be forced to find someone else to hand the ball off too if Johnson cannot find his footing in the next couple of weeks.  Could this be the beginning of the end of the CJ2K tenure in Tennessee?  It sure looks like it. 

Also worth noting: Dante Rosario only had four receptions in the game but he certainly made them count-- three of them went for touchdowns.  He certainly deserves a mention as one of the heroes for the Chargers.  Rosario ended up with four receptions for 48 yards and the 3 touchdowns.  I salute you sir!  (I also wish I had started him in my fantasy lineup over Jared Cook!)