At the Mall of America Field in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings pushed around the visiting Tennessee Titans all day long; bullying their way to an easy 30-7 victory.

As is usually the case, some noteworthy performances highlighted the match-up, and there also were some less than memorable performances by some players that will not make any highlight reels.

For starters, our Hero of the game is Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin. Harvin is more than just a receiver. He returns kicks, lines up in the backfield out of some running formations and carries the ball, and provides instant offense whenever he touches the ball.

The former University of Florida standout does it all for the Vikings, and is probably their most valuable player, even more so than perennial All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson.

Harvin combines speed, quickness, toughness, and game-breaking ability that makes his game unique and truly special. On Sunday in Minnesota Percy Harvin had eight catches for 108 yards and one touchdown. He also had a four yard rushing touchdown.

Percy Harvin makes great plays every week. He is the cog that makes the Minnesota Vikings offense run on all cylinders, and it's a pleasure to watch him do his thing.

The Zero of the game is Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson. Though Tennessee trailed for much of the game, and basically abandoned their running game early, Johnson was still no factor at all.

For the game, Johnson rushed 15 times for 24 yards, and was held out of the end zone again. This is the fourth game out of five this year that the mercurial running back has been held under 25 yards rushing for the game.

While he is not responsible for poor blocking by the offensive line, or play calling that results in him not being the focal point, Chris Johnson is still the face of the Tennessee Titans franchise.

With such a burden comes expectations. Expectations to produce and be the leader of the team, yet that is not happening with Johnson. His sub-par play has relegated him to back-page headlines, and though I am sure it is not a big concern for him- fantasy football owners again are pulling their hair out in frustration over his lack of productivity.

Percy Harvin and Chris Johnson, two immensely talented players with two very different labels. One is leading his team to victories while making the rest of the NFL his personal highlight reel. The other is just toiling in mediocrity, while his team struggles to find consistency and victories.

Anyone need help figuring out who is who? I didn't think so.