Kam Chancellor The Tennessee Titans are having a good season. The defense is playing great and despite the plethora of injured and under-performing stars their offense keeps them in it. They almost beat KC last week, playing tough and agressive football.

Hell, even CJ No K scored on a busted play. Seattle on the other hand is healthy at the skill positions, their defensive line just got everyone back and...they got spanked by Indy, Luck and T.Y Hilton who went right at their strength and straight up took the game away in the fourth quarter.

Seattle is probably a little put out over the loss to the Colts, and plan to take it out on the first team unfortunate enough to set foot in the Link. The Titans ain't scared, that's for sure. I think they just brought a knife to a gun fight at a gun factory. That's never a good idea.

Fitzmagic will chuck it all over the place, scramble like a madman and actually make some hay against the Seattle D.

He really has nothing to lose by being fearless. Seattle crushes opposing quarterbacks at home and they expect to do so again. Fitz is a gamer and will come out firing. In the end though it will be his turnovers that will be most impactful.

The Titans' D will hold Seattle in check for most of the game.

It will be the big play and a defensive touchdown that will win the game. They will key on Lynch excessively, leaving Wilson and his merry band the big play opportunity. They will sieze the day.

The Seattle D will be a wrecking machine.

There will be six sacks and three turnovers, one that will be returned for a touchdown. By Kam Chancellor. How's that for bold. The Titans are a good team, just not good enough to beat the 'Hawks at home.