Chris JohnsonThe Titans were starting to develop a chemistry with quarterback Jake Locker, until he got diagnosed with a foot injury (Lisfranc ), that will sideline him for 5-6 weeks.

Therefore, this leads the team in the hands of Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has shown in the past he can lead a team to success. 

In helping him ease into the starting job, the Titans went into last week’s game against the Colts looking to improve on their running game.

Unfortunately, after looking like a success in the first half, they were running into a wall in the second half, developing no rhythm along the offensive line.

On the other hand, the Oakland Raiders have turned to a rookie to take over the offense after fellow starter, Terrelle Pryor, sustained a knee injury that has forced him out of action.

Leading the way in Week 11, rookie Matt McGloin, threw three touchdowns in his first NFL start helping the Raiders to a 28-23 victory over the Houston Texans. 

The Raiders got a nice effort from Rashad Jennings in rushing for 150 yards, making the absence of their running quarterback nonexistent. Obviously, they will be looking for the same result between these two players, in the hopes of a victory.

Let’s look more closely at some predictions for this matchup in Week 12:

1) Chris Johnson will continue his running success.

If there is one thing the Tennessee Titans need now more than ever, it’s a successful running game to keep the pressure of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Chris Johnson has been very inconsistent so far, but started to show flashes and bursts of the old CK2, to make us think he may be starting to level his game out.

In his last three games he has totaled 266 yards and 4 touchdowns. Obviously these aren’t numbers to blow you away, but they are productive and efficient.

2) Ryan Fitzpatrick will put up the kind of numbers that made Buffalo think he was their future.

The former seventh round draft choice out of Harvard has bounced around as a NFL journeyman between four teams, just looking for somewhere to stick. It looked like that place was Buffalo, but now it may be Tennessee.

Ryan has been serving as a formidable backup to Jake Locker and a helpful voice on the sideline. If the Titans' running game is clicking on all cylinders, which I think it will, the play action pass will be available all day for Fitzpatrick and his receivers.

3) Rashad  Jennings will continue to run hard and with reckless abandonment.

Rashad Jennings has been called upon to establish the running game for the Raiders because of the injury to Darren McFadden. He has been a very useful backup throughout his career playing in Jacksonville and presently now in Oakland.

Based on his 22 carries last week, I think he will see at least 15 touches, if not more, giving their offense toughness and an identity needed to get a win.

I predict a game full of big plays by each offense, with Oakland using the home field energy to work its way to a victory (27-21).

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