Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams is an old-school owner in the twenty-first century's "new-school" National Football League. He has been the only owner the Titans have ever known, all the way back to 1960 when they were the Houston Oilers. Sufficed to say, during those fifty-two years, Adams has seen a lot of football.

The wild card game against the Bills that saw the Oilers squander a 32 point third quarter lead, then lose in overtime to Buffalo's backup quarterback, Frank Reich.

Super Bowl XXXIV, in which the re-named Titans, formerly Oilers, lost by a yard thanks to the Rams' Mike Jones.

A 59-0 whipping at the hands of the New England Patriots in the 2009 season.

Dubious, infamous games, all. According to Adams, however, none of those games were as bad as last week's 51-20 home loss to the Chicago Bears. During the week, Adams commented that the game felt like it was being played on the road, most of the fans at LP Field, were Bears fans.

The Titans veterans are playing like incompetent rookies, the rookies are playing like unruly college players. Wide receiver Kenny Britt's long, storied arrest record of late. Chris Johnson's sputtering performance since signing his $100 million deal. Those are but a few examples of the team's current issues and distractions.

At least the weather in Miami is nice this time of year. The growing and maturing Ryan Tannehill certainly helps put a spring in the step of Dolphins fans this year. At 4-4, nobody is crowning them Super Bowl XLVII Champions, but to be at .500 this late in the season is something few, if any, imagined during the preseason.

Tannehill has been helped a great deal by the resurgent Reggie Bush. Wide receiver Brian Hartline has come into his own in 2012, to the surprise of most. As the saying goes, though, "Everybody's a nobody before they're somebody.".

If it is possible for a 4-4 teams to play a trap game, and not "be" the trap for a superior opponent, then Sunday's game very well could be dangerous for Miami if taken too lightly. that will not be the case, though, so rest easy Dol-Fans.


1) The Dolphins Will Score At Least 40 points.  

This will be a significant event for the Miami Dolphins because the last time the team put up at least forty points in a game was November 27, 2003 against the Cowboys. The final in that one was 40-21. Almost nine years between "40 pointers" is a rather long time, especially in today's high scoring NFL.

This isn't just arbitrary, the Titans are giving up a league-worst 34.2 points per game. This may be Miami's best shot for a while.

2) Titans quarterback Jake Locker returns from injury, only to get benched in the third quarter.  

Matt Hasselback has been just below-average the last five games, with an 81.3 passer rating. Locker is not a huge step up from that level of production, but will get the nod anyway since he's supposed to be the Titans' future. However, after last week's horrific game, Titans owner Bud Adams has "everyone from the front office to the practice squad" on a short leash, including head coach Mike Munchak.

Call it self-preservation, but Munchak wants and needs to win, and win NOW, and will pull out all the stops to do it.

3) The game will be a blowout win for the Dolphins.  

The Titans are just that bad this year, and are headed further downhill. Tannehill will enjoy a career-best day, even though his career is only eight games old.