Henne This is what we know. The Jacksonville Jaguars are really bad at home.

Chris Johnson has regained the form which earned him the self-titled nickname CJ2K. 

And neither team will look as bad as the New York Jets did Thanksgiving night. 

So what will happen Sunday when the Titans come to visit? 

Three bold predictions for your consideration. 

1. The Jaguars will double their offensive score.

The Jaguars have not scored more than 14 points at home. That was with Blaine Gabbert. Now Chad Henne has come to the rescue. 

Last week Henne came in after Gabbert's injury. Henne put up 354 yards and four touchdowns. 

The Tennessee Titans' defense has allowed 30 points or more in seven of its last 10 games. Sunday will make it eight.

The Jaguars behind the arm of Henne will score 21 offensive points. 


2. Chris Johnson will run for 143 yards and two touchdowns.

The Jaguars have allowed 137.3 rushing yards. They are 29th in the NFL. 

Johnson is averaging 86 rushing yards per game. 

Johnson will use the confines of Everbank Field to pad his stats.


3.Marcedes Lewis will finally get his face off the milk carton.

Lewis is 6'6" and has been missing in action for most of the season. He is an ideal red zone target.

Last week against the Houston Texans Lewis had four targets for 40 yards and two touchdowns.  That doubled his touchdown total for the season.

Lewis will be on the receiving end of two touchdown passes from Henne. 


The Jaguars will break out of their home slump. They will double their offensive output. They will win the game by three points. 

And oh yea, my apologies to Robert Griffin III and my last bold predictions. Who knew? 


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