Peyton ManningThe Tennessee Titans will fly into Denver, Colorado, to play the Denver Broncos. The Titans are coming into an artic cold wave the city of Denver is experiencing. 

For game day the expected high will be 18 degrees. That's cold, for both teams. But all the talk is about the Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning. It's a thing. 

Here are three bold predictions for the game:

The cold weather will impact Peyton Manning's play but the Broncos still win.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Manning is 3-7 when the temperature is below freezing, 32 degrees. This is both regular season and postseason. In these games he has 11 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His completion rate drops six percent. 

These are facts. Maybe the sample size is too small to be impactful, but these are the facts. But here is another fact, this still makes Manning a serviceable quarterback. 

Manning will play poorly Sunday in the sub-temperatures. He will throw more interceptions and incompletions than touchdowns. However, it will not cost the Broncos the game.

Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball will rush for over 150 yards.

The Tennessee Titans have a stout run defense. Since Week 10 no running back has rushed for 100 yards against them. No running back has rushed for 90 yards against them. 

In Sunday's game, Knowshon Moreno will rush for 101 yards and Montee Ball will add 49 yards. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick will throw for more yards and touchdowns than Peyton Manning

Fitzpatrick will outpass Manning by 97 yards.  He will also pass for two more touchdowns than Manning. While this will derive some personal satisfaction, it will not bring the Titans a victory. 

Is it so bad to be merely human. Even if he is more than human, every superhero has their nemesis. So the cold is Manning's kryptonite. Isn't that why they have 11 men on the team?

Manning will again struggle in the cold. Only this time there won't be a missed assignment on the defense that aids in costing the Broncos the game. 


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