Now I am no expert, but didn’t the Tennessee Titans just go through a season they would just as soon forget? Wasn’t this a 6-10 team that was supposed to make good on improving following a 9-7 season in 2011? Wasn’t this a team that looked to be on the upswing, but almost saw its head coach Mike Munchak fired in the offseason by team owner Bud Adams?

And do we expect this season, one where the team still has issues at quarterback and on the offensive line not mention the defense must stop its opponents?

These are not the days of Ken Stabler behind center with Earl Campbell running the ball or Eddie George taking the handoff from Steve McNair.

Those days are gone forever.

Now, the Titans are a team in transition that will have to will itself just to reach .500 for the season. This is a team that will rely on Shonn Greene and Chris Johnson to run all over the field. This is a team that will pray Jake Locker can take over the offense and prove his skills are elite. And this is a team that will lose its share of close matchups this season.

With a new season comes new predictions and new hope for this franchise. Here six bold predictions that will or will not come to fruition in 2013.

1. Shonn Greene leads this team in rushing. Oh the blasphemy! With Chris Johnson on the team and the need for his legs, Greene is the one who emerges as the most dependable back on this team. There are times when you just do not know what you are going to get with Johnson, but Greene signed with the Titans for a reason.

2. After the second game, Jake Locker is benched. He still does not have what it takes to be a starter in this league. I rank him just in front of the pair in Jacksonville. In comes Ryan Fitzpatrick to prove he is the one who should be taking snaps all along.

3. After the third game, Ryan Fitzpatrick is benched. Maybe I was a little bit ahead of myself. Fitzpatrick is the only quarterback in the league I know who plays with his wedding ring on his left hand. But this oddity is not the reason he is not ready for this assignment. Tennessee has the second worst quarterback unit in the league.

4. There is a big hole in the defensive line. It was left by Sen’Derrick Marks, who signed as a free agent in Jacksonville. Marks is one of those players who may not have been as appreciated as he will be in Jacksonville, where he has a real chance to start on the defensive line.

5. The offensive line is the best in the division. The team drafted Chance Warmack, arguably the best interior linemen in the draft and went out and signed OT Barry Richardson, G Andy Levitre, G Chris Spencer, and C Rob Turner. This line better be better or the quarterback, whoever he is, will spend a lot of time on his back.

6. Bernard Pollard leads the league in illegal hits. The Titans signed him and hope he can be a game changer in their secondary. Pollard is a good defensive back, but he must play within himself to be the defender this team needs.