Before seeing who the Titans are going to draft, before seeing who else manages to be arrested or picked up by the Titans, I will now predict how their season will go and who they will beat and be beaten by.

Week 1 Titans @ Steelers
The Titans will hope to start off the season with a bang, however I am not sure the Steelers will be very accommodating. The Steelers did not finish last season the way they expected to, and neither did the Titans for that matter. I believe the Steelers defense and renewed offense will prove too much for the Titans to overcome in week 1. Prediction: Steelers 28, Titans 14

Week 2 Titans @ Texans
The Texans seemed to be headed for the big game last year, and looked unstoppable at times before faltering in the post season. I think the Texans will continue to dominate the Titans as they did last year. Prediction: Houston 35, Titans 10

Week 3 Chargers @ Titans
With Tennessee's first home game, I think we will see their first win of the season. The Chargers are in a bit of a mess after last year and are going to be breaking in a new head coach as well. Chris Johnson will carry the team to a victory. Prediction: Titans 21, Chargers17

Week 4 Jets @ Titans
Fresh off their first win of the season, the Titans will continue their success with a close victory over the Jets. The game will be close, but the Titans will edge it out, possibly even in overtime. Look for this to be a war. Prediction: Titans 14, Jets 7

Week 5 Chiefs @ Titans
I don't want to jinx the Titans here, but I think they may actually pull off three in a row vs the Chiefs. I am calling for a blowout this time, as the Titans find a way to score in the land in through the air. Prediction: Titans 28, Chiefs 3

Week 6 Titans @ Seahawks
The Seahawks had an interesting season last year. Going from mediocre in the early part of the season, they exploded later on putting up back to back 50 point plus games. I believe they will dominate the Titans in this game. Prediction: Seahawks 35, Titans 10

Week 7 49ers @ Titans
After an impressive year last year, I expect the 49ers to be a middle of the road team possibly making it into the playoffs. I think the Titans will bounce back in this game and hand the 49ers a defeat. Prediction: Titans 21, 49ers 17

Week 8 Bye Week

Week 9 Titans @ Rams
The Rams are another team who you never know what to expect from. One game they look playoff bound, the next they look arena football bound. I believe their woes will continue this year and the Titans will take this one as well. Prediction: Titans 17, Rams 6

Week 10 Jaguars @ Titans
While only winning two games last year, one of those victories was over the Titans. I do not think the Jags will be as awful this year, but they will lose this game. Prediction: Titans 20, Jags 9

Week 11 Colts @ Titans
The Titans and Colts have a great rivalry going on since the days when Peyton Manning was suiting up for Indy. The Colts pulled off two wins against the Titans last year, and I suspect they will continue that streak this season. Prediction: Colts 24, Titans 21

Week 12 Titans @ Raiders
Who knows which Raiders team will show up this season? Certainly not me. I think the Titans will have more trouble out of the Raider Nation than the Raiders themselves. Prediction: Titans 24, Raiders 13

Week 13 Titans @ Colts
Steaming from the previous defeat, the Titans will look for revenge in their second match up against the Colts. Only this time, the Titans will get the win. Prediction: Titans 21, Colts 17

Week 14 Titans @ Broncos
While having a decent season so far, the Titans will venture to Denver with a bit of fear in their hearts as they run into Peyton Manning and Denver's how powered offense. Sorry Titans, but the Broncos are taking this one. Prediction: Broncos 35, Titans 14

Week 15 Cardinals @ Titans
Another team with a new head coach, and another victory for the Titans. The Cardinals only won one of their last twelve games last season. I see bad things in their near future this year. The Titans will cruise to victory. Prediction: Titans 28, Cardinals 6

Week 16 Titans @ Jaguars
I doubt the Jaguars will have things figured out, even this late in the season and look for the Titans to take it easy and still do enough to get the win here. Prediction Titans 17, Jaguars 10

Week 17 Texans @ Titans
The Titans will be hoping to finish the season strong and be looking for a playoff spot, and the Texans will be looking to make a statement that they should have been there last season. Tough game, but the Texans will snatch it away in overtime. Prediction: Texans 38, Titans 35