The 2013 Football season will kick off on August 31 against Austin Peay for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. 

In preparation for the upcoming season, I’ve busied myself studying this year’s teams. As a result, I hope to expand my knowledge and give my readers more insight on their favorite teams.

My take on the Vols at this point is the coaching staff has dramatically improved with the hiring of Butch Jones. So much so, that I believe these coaches will make immediate improvements and create a better team than the individual sum of the players they have available. 

Overall, Tennessee doesn't have as many star athletes as it has in years past. Still, even down somewhat, UT has more talent than 75 percent of the teams in college football. However, talented players must be well-coached to win. The best players poorly utilized, will lose in football. 

Two quick reminders: Tennessee had much more talent overall than Vanderbilt last year, yet they lost the game 18-41. South Carolina and Georgia were considered about even in talent level last season. Yet Carolina beat Georgia in Athens 35-7, giving the Bulldogs their only loss in the regular season. Georgia doesn’t have bad coaching. But, they were out-coached badly in the South Carolina game last year. 

Winning in football requires a mix of approximately 45/45/10. That is 45 percent based on talent, 45 percent based on coaching of the talent and 10 percent based on good fortune -- better known as luck. 

Teams that have the most consistent coaching (Alabama) will win when they have the talent. Every season, some very talented teams fail to win due to insufficient coaching. Unfortunately that was true at UT last season. 

Here is my initial way too early, preview of the Tennessee schedule based on who they will play, the talent they have and the coaching I expect they will receive.

Have fun with the read!