Ten Greatest Blunders In Super Bowl History

By Michael Quinn
January 24, 2013 12:20 pm
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It's finally here.

The big game.

Every year, 32 teams spend the better part of four months competing against one another in the hopes to make it to the promised land, AKA the Super Bowl.

And 30 teams fall short of their markers, while the two best teams advance.

Every year, we are lucky enough to witness some of the greatest plays in NFL history. On the other hand, we are just as likely to witness some of the biggest screw-ups as well.

The list for great plays made in the big game is long, but the list for flops may be longer. Whether it be an unlucky time, or simply too much pressure, players seem to have a knack for making their careers in the Super Bowl, whether it be for better or worse.

With that said, let's take a look at the 10 biggest screw-ups in Super Bowl history.



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2 years ago
"Aforementioned Rodney Harrison was having a decent game, but his career may have been defined by his lack of effort on the completion. "

Are you SERIOUS?? How much more effort could have been put into the play on his part?? What about the d-line NOT taking down Manning on the play when he was literally in their hands? Gotta disagree on this with you, sorry.
2 years ago

Either way, people remember Rodney Harrison as the guy who couldn't break up the most improbable catch of all time. Thanks for the read
2 years ago

That ain't no blunder. He was one of the best safeties ever. Receivers feared his hits. Sometimes you just can't get there, especially n broken play.
2 years ago
Larry Brown was interiewed and asked about this play being lucky. His response was that he studied the Steelers plays extensively and recognized what play was being called and where he tended to throw the ball and was prepared to make the play, making O'Donnell appear to "Blunder". It seems to be more of a smart play on Brown's part. Maybe O'Donnell blundered on sticking to his tendencies.
2 years ago
Yeah, depending which side you were rooting for it could have been either the greatest blunders or greatest plays. I submit another option, some of the funniest plays. Thanks for allowing me to bloviate.
2 years ago
Leon Lett... that's all have to say.

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