“Tebow-Mania” has come to New York (and New Jersey). But is it a good thing?

After some squabbling over contract technicalities, the New York Jets surprised the football world by acquiring Denver Broncos quarterback/pop culture icon Tim Tebow (along with a seventh-round draft pick in 2012) in exchange for the Jets’ fourth and sixth-round picks this year. The two sides also agreed to split the $5 million salary advance that Tebow was due.
At first glance, it seems like a brilliant public relations move for the Jets. Tebow and his immense popularity and marketability coming to the biggest media market, the Big Apple. Merchandise and jersey sales that could potentially increase substantially. His squeaky-clean image potentially improving a locker room currently filled with in-fighting and underachievers. Capturing the back-page tabloid headlines away from their successful, Super Bowl champion neighbors, the New York Giants.
But from a football standpoint, it could spell disaster.
While the Jets have officially stated that Tebow will be the backup to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and run their version of the Wildcat offense. Sounds great, but Sanchez is coming off a rough 2011 season in which fans, the media and even his own teammates questioned his ability to be a starter. And mind you, this was with aging vet Mark Brunell as his backup.

Imagine the cries for Tebow to be the starter as soon as Sanchez throws an interception or two during a loss in 2012. Don't believe me? Just ask Kyle Orton what that was like in Denver this past season. Nothing could erode the vote of "confidence" that Sanchez got (via his contract extension) than Tebow looking over his shoulder.

Even the Broncos realized this, which facilitated the trade

And even if we are to believe the Jets at their word, Tebow will still face unbelievable media scrutiny. Case in point: check out the cover of today's New York Post. "Timsanity" is alive and well.

Tebow's first visit to his locker room should be an interesting one. The disgruntled Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie − he, of the "We don't need Tebow" tweet − and the always outspoken Rex Ryan. No word yet if Tebow is aware of Rex's "acting career," but we're guessing he wouldn't be much of a fan.

Here's hoping the Jets return for a second stint on HBO's "Hard Knocks" series. Now THAT would be reality television actually worth watching.
Apparently, the Jets forgot about the last time they imported a popular quarterback, Brett Favre − a failed experiment, to save the least. And mind you, even at his advanced age, Favre was still a far superior quarterback to Tebow.
Regardless, here's hoping Tebow does well with his new employer. No matter what you think of him, he seems like a nice guy and a hard worker. And the Jets are definitely in need of both.

Look on the bright side, Jets fans – at least you won’t have to worry about Tebow sending salacious text messages.