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Tim Tebow is ready to get back to the NFL and there's no better opportunity than the JaguarsThe Jacksonville Jaguars thus far are continuing to prove that they are one of the worst franchises and even more so, one of the most boring franchises in the history of the league. This team is suffering, the fans are suffering and possibly even more important, the Jacksonville economy is suffering.

You know Chief Gordon of Gotham City always knew what to do in such a quandary, flash the Bat signal. Well Coach Gus Bradley and Jaguars owner Shahid Khan need to stand on top of Everbank Field and flash the Tebow signal.

Why? Because Tim Tebow will bring an enthusiasm and zeal that Jacksonville hasn’t seen since the team’s inception.

Admittedly some of it will certainly be negative but as the great Muhammad Ali said and I paraphrase ‘You can love me or hate me, as long as you buy a ticket. Neutral don’t buy tickets.’ That stadium would explode with Tebow starting at quarterback. Economy and team interest will immediately be taken care of. A group of supporters,, of Tebow gathered this week urging the team to make this move a reality. At the same time there's a site that is very much against it that is called People have strong feelings one way or another, and will undoubtedly be very much engaged if he were to come to the Jags. 

Tebow is the city of Jacksonville’s favorite son in this football crazed state. Led the Florida Gators to two National Championships, and won the Heisman Trophy while he at it. He then went to Denver, and took a team that was losing and struggling to the playoffs. That includes leading the Broncos to an exciting opening round playoff with over the mighty Pitsburgh Steelers. The guy’s a proven winner, and that’s something the Jags haven’t done much of in a while- winning. He certainly has some areas that he can shore up, but it baffles me that a quarterback had such a fantastic season and hasn't ever started a game since. But the Jaguars should change all of that.

Ok, so for the Jaguars on one hand there’s Tebow but if you don’t like that option, what’s in your other hand. Please don’t say it, you better not utter, you, you…aww crap you said it- Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. No, they can no longer be considered a viable option especially Henne. Gabbert had a terrible rookie year, and granted he took on a very tough defense in the Kansas City Chiefs but he didn’t even give his team a chance to win. The Jags have nothing to lose in bringing in Tebow: no necessary trades, no steep contract, only possibility and opportunity. Remember Tim Tebow is sort of the godfather of these running quarterback offenses. He was there before Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Tebow showed the possibilities of success of these offenses that utilize a quarterback’s running ability, and that season Cam Newton of course showed an even higher level followed by the youngsters. Give the Godfather a shot, flash the Tebow signal, the Jaguars and the NFL will be better for it.