The Taste of the NFL is one of the premier events of the week of hype before the big game, a star-studded “party with a purpose” that raises money for hunger relief organizations around the country.

Steve DiFillippo of Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse (Boston, Foxboro, Philadelphia, Atlanta) is a friend of the Cold, Hard Football Facts and one of 32 of America’s top chefs, one representing each NFL team, who will cook at the Saturday night party, this year in New Orleans.

Pasta Bolognese is the one of the signature items at Davio’s and will be served at the Taste of the NFL.

1 large white onion

1 carrot

1 stalk of celery

¼ lb. diced prosciutto

1 lb. ground beef

1 lb. ground pork

1 lb. ground veal

1 garlic clove finely chopped

1 bay leaf

2 fresh scallion stalks, chopped

2 to 3 fresh basil leaves, chopped

1 28-ounce can San Marzano tomatoes, handed crushed

Salt and pepper to taste

1 to 1½ lbs. pasta, cooked

Parmesan cheese (optional)              

Coarsely dice onion, carrot and celery and mix together to create mirepoix. Set aside. Drain pasta well and set aside. In a large saucepan cook prosciutto until crispy. Add beef, pork and veal to pan and cook through, making sure well mixed. Drain off fat and add garlic, bay leaf and mirepoix to the meat. Cook 15 minutes stirring frequently. Add tomatoes and simmer over very low heat for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add cooked pasta with a small amount of the Bolognese sauce, then top with remaining sauce. Serves 2 to 4.