With the trade rumors swirling around about Jackson and where he might land, it's time to explain why each of these five teams should give strong consideration to trading for him.

1. Packers: If it’s true, the Seahawks aren’t seeking higher than a 5th round pick, meaning the Packers should make this deal.

The Packers need a legitimate backup quarterback and Jackson could also allow the Packers to run a wildcat offense if they choose to.

If Jackson has a few years to sit behind Rodgers, he could transform like Michael Vick did the Eagles. I mean, after all, Jackson did play fairly well despite his surroundings, throwing for over 3,000 yards.

The Packers are coming off of a 15-1 season and Jackson would add depth and a weapon to an offense that’s already loaded.

2. Panthers: Whenever you have a quarterback who rushes for over 700 yards a season, you need to have insurance.

Cam Newton would be the unquestioned starter, but why not add depth at quarterback?

Right now, with the current Panthers' backup players, the coaches would need to change the playbook if Newton were injured. With Jackson, who can also beat you with his feet, they could keep the playbook the same for the most part.

If Jackson is forced to start, teams will still have to fear the run game while trying to double-cover Steve Smith.

3. Lions: It’s hard to evaluate guys who are throwing to quite possibly the best receiver to ever play the game. The bottom line here is that Stafford has only finished one season without injury and that was last year.

This is a win-win for Jackson and the Lions. The Lions get depth and a wildcat threat to help open the run game. Jackson gets a chance to prove he can start if Stafford goes down with an injury.

4. Chiefs: With Kyle Orton out of town for good, the Chiefs could use some depth at quarterback.

Maybe bringing in a veteran like Jackson will light a fire under Cassel's butt and push him to new heights?

If Cassel goes down or is out-preformed, then you have a player who can handle the starting role fairly well. The Chiefs are a team that wants to pound the ball down your throat with two former Pro Bowl running backs.

Now add in a few wildcat snaps where you bring in Jackson, Hillis and Charles… who’s running the ball? Wait well what if they throw? That’s what defensive coordinators will have to gameplan for.

5. Chargers: The Chargers are currently shopping for depth at quarterback with Charlie Whitehurst injuring his knee.

The Chargers have already lost their starting running back. Adding a player like Jackson could be an improvement to an offense that lacks a powerful run game.

Jackson could come in to play the wildcat offense to help open up running lanes and move the chains a few times per game. When you look at teams like the Broncos and Eagles last year, the threat of a running quarterback makes it much tougher on the defense to stop the run.