The Tampa Bay Bucs took down the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in an amazing comeback win. The Panthers blew a fourth quarter lead for the fifth time in six games to help the Bucs stay in the playoff mix.

The Panthers had several chances to put the game away but when it came down to it, Tampa had the players that stepped up and Carolina didn’t.

Hero of the game:  Josh Freeman

For the first 59 minutes, Freeman looked to be the zero of the game barely breaking 150 yards passing with two interceptions. But crunch time is when heroes are made. Down 8 with 1:02 left in the fourth quarter, he turned everything around.

With no timeouts left, Freeman led the Bucs 80 yards down the field in 50 seconds, capped off by a 24-yard TD pass to Vincent Jackson. He followed that with another completion to Jackson for the 2-point conversion to tie the game.

Tampa Bay won the toss in overtime and Freeman led the charge for another 80-yard drive, ending the game on a 15-yard touchdown pass to Dallas Clark.

Zero of the game:  Thomas Davis

Tampa Bay needed to go 80 yards to tie up the game with 1:02 left in regulation, and no timeouts. On the second play of the drive, Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis hit a defenseless receiver resulting in a personal foul. The penalty not only moved the ball 15 yards down the field, but it also served as a critical timeout for the Bucs, in their game-tying drive.