Mike Williams had his best season in 2012 with 996 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns over 63 receptions and, in his three years career, he has 2,731 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns over 193 receptions. These are good numbers and Williams has proven to be a stable, young, and healthy receiver who puts up solid numbers as a number 2 receiver. The issue is that Williams is expected to get paid $6 million a year in his new contract and he may not be worth that much. You also need to realize that Mike Williams could probably be easily over-shadowed by another receiver on the team since he is known for letting the ball hit him in the chest a little too often without catching it.

Let's also remember that head coach Greg Schiano is the type of coach who loves the type of receivers that Mike Williams isn't. Mike Williams isn't a speedy player or a good route runner, but a physical player who can catch (sometimes) with a defender on him. Schiano is a run-heavy coach who will call the occasional draw play on 3rd and long instead of throwing it to a trusted receiver. He believes the entire game exists at the line of scrimmage and in coverage. When Schiano does want to play the passing game, he loves the receiver who can go long and deep, something Mike Williams isn't known for doing.

If the Bucs can get Williams under $5 million a year I think it's okay to keep him. The passing game is obviously going to be tweaked around, and this is evident by their choice to pick a quarterback in the third round. Whatever happens, it is not okay to overpay another NFL receiver like Marques Colston, Robert Meachum, and Pierre Garcon were. It's also smart to be cautious when dealing with a player who was available in the fourth round because of multiple suspensions at Syracuse University.

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