Mike Glennon Three weeks into the NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks were a 19-point favorite to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars.

They covered the spread handily and proved at the time they were the best team in the league.

This weekend, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to Seattle as a 16-point underdog in a matchup much similar to the one with the Jaguars - with one caveate: The Seahawks were one Golden Tate-taunted touchdown away from losing to division rival St. Louis.

Is there some vulnerability in the Seahawks arsenal, or did they stub their toe on Monday night?

While Tampa Bay is in a hot mess of self-destruction, Seattle could put a huge score on the Buccaneers to prove once and for all they are still the best team in the league, regardless of record.

Tampa Bay is just trying to get out of its own way and win a football game in spite of the daily drama the team head coach Greg Schiano brings to the team’s facility each day. That is not going to take away the fact Tampa Bay should get drubbed in this game and that Russell Wilson should rekindle the fire in his ballclub. Here are three bold predictions for this contest.


I would really like to see a team dominate from start to finish. I am not sure they could get to 63 points, but 49 is possible - as we saw last week with Cincinnati.

The Buccaneers' offense is so dismal. While it looks like Mike Glennon will be a solid NFL player, he could be a deer in the headlights passer this weekend with the Seattle defense dominating.

200 and 100

This could be a game we remember as Russell Wilson throwing all over the field and running to daylight.

He is no Terrelle Pryor (thank goodness), but Wilson could toss the ball around for 250 yards and take off for 100 yards on the ground. Maybe the Seahawks have mercy on Tampa Bay and run the ball a lot, taking up clock time and making it a fast ballgame.

10 sacks

This is one prediction that may come true. If the Buccaneers cannot stop the rush ends of the Seattle defense, then look for it to be a long day for Mike Glennon. The middle of the defensive line will do its part to stop the run.

Since it has been reported that Doug Martin has a torn labrum and could be gone for the season, this is not good news for the Buccaneers. Brian Leonard and Mike James do not strike fear in any defense.