Drew BreesHome Field Advantage Is A Real Thing.

Not that we didn't know this already, but the Saints continue to show that when they play at home they are nearly unbeatable.  

Which is why it's unfortunate for Saints fans that they won't be playing at home at all during the playoffs.  

Drew Brees and company can carve up any defense when they are playing in the dome, but when they go outside of Louisiana they are a different team.  

The Saints looked great yesterday, but we'll see if they can carry that over into one of the tougher away atmosphere's in Philadelphia.

Tampa Bay Has Potential.

Everyone knew it was highly unlikely that the Bucs would come in and beat the Saints or even keep the game close, which held true.  

But Tampa Bay has shown some signs of life on both sides of the ball in the latter half of the season. Led by a rookie at quarterback for the better part of their year, the Bucs have shown that they have some talent and when they get healthy they will be a more competitive opponent. It may take a couple of years and possibly some coaching changes, but Tampa Bay isn't as hopeless as they may seem.

Jimmy Graham Has To Be Contained...

Dude is a freak. He was one touchdown away from tying Rob Gronkowski's single-season tight end touchdown record yesterday and likely would have gotten it if the game has been close. There haven't been too many times that Graham has been shut down this season and when he has been he has come back the next week and made up for it. If opposing defenses aren't able to at least limit Graham's production then the game is pretty much in hand for the Saints. When allowed the opportunity, Brees and Graham can beat a team on their own.

...And So Does Everyone Else.

Drew Brees found 11 receivers on Sunday -- 11. And while seven of those guys where only connected with once, it really keeps a defense guessing when you know the opposing quarterback is willing to throw to anybody with a Saints jersey on.

Fantasy football guys may be wary of picking up Saints receivers for their team (other than Graham), but Saints fans love the production coming from their offense. You can bet that the Eagles will be racking their brain all week trying to figure out how and who to stop in the Saints' passing game.

Do We Talk About Brees Enough?

It seems that every week there is talk about Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and a few others as being the best ever.  But is also seems that Drew Brees is quietly mentioned or left out of that conversation all together too often. This guy is good and should be in that conversation every time it's brought up.  

Not that one half makes a guy the best ever, but he had 300+ passing yards and four touchdowns at halftime on Sunday.  And he could have kept that pace up if the Saints had wanted to put 60 points on the board.

You likely won't ever hear Brees complain that he isn't included in that type of conversation, as it seems that he is the ultimate team player and looks out for everyone's best interests not just his own. And he might actually welcome the slim chance that a team forgets that he's one of the best and then goes out and reminds them.