Of the two NFL head coaches still searching for their first season win, there is little sympathy for Greg Schiano. 

The Josh Freeman saga has done little to make Schiano any friends outside the Tampa Bay area. Whether or not Freeman walked or he was pushed is another story. The fact remains that the situation in Western Florida was unbearably difficult for the fifth year NFL pro out of Kansas State.

The leaked drugs story, exclusion from team meetings, and having the humiliation of being benched are just the facts that are known in the Freeman-Schiano feud. As Josh Freeman went to start fresh in Minnesota, his former teammates have to deal with an awkward syle of leadership and management. As the head of any establishment or organisation there is a time and place to be autocratic, Greg Schiano seems to have overstepped the line.

Despite a poor season in 2013, Freeman's numbers were good. With the ninth best passing totals, Freeman threw for 4,065 yards and 27 touchdowns. Freeman did not turn into a bad quarterback over night and the situation at Tampa Bay has clearly affected his confidence and on the field performances this season.

Reports were made of Tampa Bay coaching staff keeping tabs on players during down times and of players being recorded on the sidelines to see if they were messing around.  Sure, there is a time and a place for being serious, but morale builds team spirit and comradeship. Teams that win Super Bowls have this extra ingredient in their DNA. What's the point of having the most talented players on the football field if they don't respect the coaches and the regime?

Moving to the onfield issues, the Buccaneers are simply awful, a win does not look like happening any time soon especially as the Buccaneers travel to Seattle in week 9. The playbooks are not producing the goods on either side of the football and the coaching staff have to take a large chunk of the responsibility for the teams failings.

The Tampa Bay Times are running an online poll, 926 out of 1,545 people (60%) to date have voted to sack Schiano immediatley. A further 318 people (20.5%) voted to fire him at the end of the season. The remaining voters are split between hanging on to him or firing him after the Seattle game (10% split). The Buccaneers fans are like every other sports fan, they want clarity on which direction their team is heading. If the loyal fans start voting with their feet a change in management must surely be made immediately.

What's next?

The players say that they are behind their coach. Micro managing doesn't work with everyone and it certainly is not working with the Buccaneers. The situation is a mess and with no sign of a win around the corner, things will only get worse over the next coming weeks. Malcolm Glazer's patience will only last so long. A heavy defeat at the hands of the Seahawks could be the final game for the current Tampa Bay head coach. As the situation drags on Greg Schiano walks closer to the plank and it will be sooner rather than later before he is pushed off the edge.