The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of those teams who could surprise us all this coming NFL season. But certain things have to fall into place, a few teams need to take a step back in the standings and well, Josh Freeman needs to be the spitting image of Doug Williams.

If all of that happens, could the Bucs make the playoffs?

Playoffs? As I state in my best Jim Mora voice. Yes, playoffs. A better defense and a second year under the belt of star running back Doug Martin has some very optimistic about the season. Well, everyone is optimistic about their team being in the playoffs this year. The Bucs play in the toughest division in football and have not had the kind of success lately as it should.

Where in the world are you, Jon Gruden?

Since I am buying, not selling, what the Bucs are offering this season, allow me to make a few bold predictions that may or may not come true.

1. November 3 is the date to watch for. That’s the game against Seattle and that is the date Mike Glennon gets his first start of the season. I liked Glennon from the start and thought he was the best pro prospect in the draft. Freeman has been given chance after chance and has not taken the next step. Glennon is the future.

2. This team will miss Roy Miller. The defensive tackle will be a starter in Jacksonville. The Bucs will learn how valuable he is to the team. Miller was a free agent and released. And in this division with Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, you need middle gap linemen to run up the middle and flush the passer. What is the Bucs’ loss is the Jaguars’ gain.

3. Darrelle Revis - no interceptions. Is that a statement as to how he played or is that respect for his game? Revis is still the huge question mark for this franchise. The Bucs gave up the farm fro him, so he better play like he is Mike Haynes. He also must provide the veteran leadership this team lost when Ronde Barber retired.

4. No televised games. Again this is a franchise which has trouble filling the Big Sombrero. The Bucs used to be a hot ticket and used to be a hot team. You would have thought a new head coach and new culture would bring the masses out, but like the Dolphins, this team has trouble selling tickets.

5. Greg Schiano is Coach of the Year. If he gets this team to the playoffs and they win a postseason game, he has to be considered. Besides, there are only a few of us who expect this team to challenge for a postseason berth.

6. Doug Martin in the “All World Class.” I actually thought the Bucs were making a mistake trading back into the first round for Martin, but what a steal it was. Martin could be the best all around back in the game. And with his ability to run, catch and block, he is a prized possession of fantasy football owners everywhere.