Two years ago today, Nobody in their right mind thought that Peyton Manning could possibly not be a Colt two seasons later. Now, Its one of the hottest topics in America.

Manning, coming off of a season-ending neck injury,  has not even been released yet and already people are making billboards saying "Manning To Miami", Is it really possible that Manning could actually leave the Colts by getting released? Dolphins fans sure hope so, considering they haven't had a good QB since Dan Marino. Manning would be a HUGE step up from Matt Moore.

Colts fans are on the edge about Manning leaving, they don't know wether to accept the fact that Andrew Luck is the new face of the franchise or to keep denying that Manning is not their franchise quarterback anymore. Being from Tennessee, I've heard a lot of fans saying "Oh how I'd love to see him in a Titans jersey," which is possible, but so is everything, right? The leading possibilities are the Dolphins, Jets, Redskins, Seahawks, Cardinals, and now the Chiefs are also in the mix. Could there really be two Mannings in New York? Could there really be a Larry Fitzgerald and Manning team up? How about Manning and Marshawn Lynch behind him?  All amzing tandems, and hey, maybe Rex Ryan will actually get a gauranteed Super Bowl this season.

With March 8th quickly approaching, the Colts' organization have to make a decision if they want to pay Manning $28 million dollars or if they want to give Luck a big rookie contract, or do both. If they cut him, he will be the most prized prized free agent since... Well I can't remember a bigger free agent than PEYTON MANNING, Say "Peyton Manning got cut" 20 times without laughing or thinking about how dumb you sound. With the Manning drama, and Wallace drama, this is INSURED to be a great, event-fillied offeason.