The Cold, Hard Football Facts crew likes to munch on great tailgate food almost as much as we like to crunch hard-hitting stats. 

Here’s a look at four classic tailgate dishes representing the four NFL cities battling in the 2013 NFL conference title games.


Boston Harbor Hotel New England Clam Chowder

Daniel Bruce, the executive chef at the luxurious Boston Harbor Hotel, is a longtime Friend of the Facts and one of the world’s great experts on regional New England cuisine. His clam chowder recipe comes from his new book, “Chef Daniel Bruce: Simply New England.”


Denver Rocky Mountain Oysters

Seafood means a little something different a Mile High up in the Rocky Mountains: it means fried bull testicles. We got the classic recipe for Rocky Mountain Oysters from famed Denver landmark restaurant, The Fort.


San Francisco’s Candlestick Park Garlic Fries

Sure, the ‘Stick has seen its last football game. But you can get a true taste of the beloved old ballpark by whipping up a batch of its aromatic and world-famous garlic fries. The legendary concession-stand dish is easy to do at home, and we have the recipe right from the folks who invented it.


Seattle Geoduck Clams: Look So Wrong, Taste So Right

The iconic clam of the Pacific Northwest is quite a bit different than the quaint little clams of New England. Our recipe for the iconic oversized geoduck clam comes from the folks at Pure Food Fish Market and the “Pike Place Public Market Seafood Cookbook.”