Super Bowl XLVIII features the young but relentless Seattle Seahawks against the fast paced Denver Broncos The Broncos are lead by Peyton Manning and head coach John Fox, while Seattle is ran by young signal caller Russell Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll. 

This is the first Super Bowl since 2009 that two #1 seeds will face off. Peyton Manning was on the losing side of that Super Bowl, and he looks to win his second ring this time around. Wes Welker also has experience losing as a #1 seed in the Super Bowl against the Giants two years ago along with the 2007 loss.

Seattle on the other hand has absolutely no players that have ever been to a Super Bowl. They're QB was playing for Wisconsin just a couple of years ago, and their coach was at USC not too long ago. While they may be inexperienced, they aren't going to just roll over. This is a very good Seattle team that just beat the (then) hottest team in the NFL. The Seahawks are looking for their first Super Bowl, and with this defense there isn't any reason they shouldn't get it. 

So with the #1 offense playing against the #2 defense, what is going to happen in the Super Bowl? Here are 10 super bold predictions for the Super Bowl:


#10 Russell Wilson will have his best playoff game yet- 

Russell Wilson has had a somewhat quiet playoff season. He has 1 TD in 2 games, and had a costly fumble early in the San Francisco game. Denver isn't going to try to make it a low scoring game, they want to put the 3rd year QB into a shootout against Peyton and gang. And if it's a shootout they want, then it's a shootout there gonna get. Russell Wilson will have his best playoff performance yet and on the big stage.

#9 At least 10,000,000 people will google "Renee Fleming" after the Star Spangled Banner- 

Not because she will mess it up or make it controversial, but because people will have no clue who she is. (Also am I the only one who watches the star spangled banner on TV and stays quiet through the whole thing like I'm apart of the game? Just wondering) 

#8 Denver will get an early lead before Seattle battles back- 

Like the San Francisco game, I think Manning wil set the tone early and will put up a couple of scores before Seattle gets it together. Denver challenges the #1 defense in the league early, before slowing down. 

#7 Wes Welker redeems his last Super Bowl appearance-

He had 7 recpetions and 60 yards but the thing everyone remembers is the dropped pass in the endzone (granted the loss wasn't his fault at all). However, this time around I expect him to get over 100 yards of offense and to have a big day when his team needs him the most. 

#6 If Seattle wins then Richard Sherman claims " I'm going to Disneyworld! Six flags is a sorry mediocre amusement park!". If Denver wins then Peyton says "I'm going to Disneyworld!" but no one says anything about it. 

#5 Knowshon Moreno will outrush Marshawn Lynch- 

Moreno is a very underrated runningback in the league. He has 13 TD's on the year and will look to get a couple more before the season is over. I believe he will outrush Marshawn Lynch in this game while having less carries. Seattle will be focused on Peyton while Denver will be focused on Lynch. 

#4 There is a surprise onside kick in this game - 

Remember last time the two #1 seeds faced off? Sean Peyton called in the surpise onside kick to start off the second half, and it worked. I expect some trickery to be in this one as well. 

#3 Peyton Manning gets intercepted before Russell Wilson does

#2 Seattle covers the spread (+2.5) but still doesn't come out on top - 

This game will be hardfought until the end, and I believe a late score by the Broncos will put them on top. 

#1 This will be Peyton's last game in the NFL - 

The last time a QB as old as Manning was in the Super Bowl, he won the game's MVP award and retired the following spring. I expect Peyton to do the same, and go out as a Champion. 

Final Score Prediction : Denver 33-31