Florida is largely a mainstream beer kinda state. If you want something from the Big Three – Anheuser-Busch, SAB/Miller or Molson Coors – you're set; it's everywhere. There's even Yuengling Lager (a brand famous in my home state of Pennsylvania) all over the place, coming out of the big former Stroh brewery in Tampa.
If you want anything more, there are limited options. Your best bet, a sure thing, is the Gordon Biersch brewpub (1201 Brickell Avenue #250, 786-425-1130). Gordon Biersch makes German-type beers, and they make them well. They've also got the menu to match.
The Abbey (1115 16th St., 305/538-8110) is a "brewpub" that has their beers made elsewhere. No problem with that. The beers are good, the vibe's very laid-back (and not South Beach at all ... thank God ... we don't look good in thongs or pastels, so we try to stay away from South Beach).
The only issue at The Abbey for a 225 Club member is the limited chow options: pretty much hot dogs and a deep fryer, so bacon triple cheeseburgers are out. But, hey, if you're alone on a desert island and can have only one cooking implement, a deep fryer ain't a bad option.
I'd go on...but we're pretty much done.
CHICAGO – A world-class beer city. Watch the Super Bowl here if you can!
INDIANAPOLIS – Not bad, but it's no Chicago.