The confetti has settled on the Superdome carpet. 

The Baltimore Ravens take home the Lombardi Trophy, after a compelling 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers. 

It was a game full of incident, hard hits, some great individual moments and of the course the blackout. 

When Jacoby Jones returned the second half kickoff the Ravens looked to have pulled the plug on the Niners. The lights went out. The spark then came. What followed was a game that lived up to its pregame billing.

Several standout players from both side its hard to pick who was the standout player. After his understandably nervous start 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick got his mojo flowing and had a great game. Likewise his offensive weapons, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree all had very good games. The San Francisco defense of course stood up better in the second half with its usual stars digging deep.

On the Baltimore side of the ball Ray Rice had to earn every one of his yards on the ground and Anquain Boldin was again to prove to be the go to guy through the air. Ed Reed got his now customary post season interception and Paul Kruger busted through for two sacks. 

Thankfully it didn't come down to a field goal attempt at the end otherwise David Akers could well have been the fall guy, having missed an attempt (which was then called back and tried successfully after a penalty) his confidence could have been the difference if he had to try one at the end. Also for all the hype that surrounded him before, during and after the game, Ray Lewis wasn't really a force in the playing sense. The game was played at such a pace that even when the Ravens were on top he wasn't able to enforce himself too much.

So all that being said I've managed to come up with the player who made the most difference, and the one who let himself and his team down.