Don't you hate it when a commercial starts out great but then goes terribly wrong? That's what I thought of the Toyota commercial with the wishes; only the dad accidentally say "witches" instead of "wishes" and then it just goes, well, wierd. I won't remember that one after tonight.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Jeep tribute to our troops. That just about makes you cry (I swear I didn't actually shed a tear).

But my favorite commercial of the evening was the Taco Bell commercial that featured a bunch of elderly people sneaking out of a retirement home and hitting the town. It could be my career in healthcare that makes this one so great in my mind, but how can you argue with old people tearing up the night life? That takes first place in my book. I also like the fact that it was set to the tune of the Fun song, "We Are Young". Now that's golden years gone wild!

A close second was the Oreo cookie bit in the library- "quiet mayhem"! Two parts, one cookie, the cream, the chocolate... and I have always wanted to cut loose in a library after being shushed for my whole life. That was just over the top, awesome.

And third place has to go to the new variation of the Bud commercial line, set to one of my favorite songs: "Superstitious" by Stevie Wonder. The ultimate good luck- the voodoo doll, only to be met with the same of the opposite team. Brilliant idea!

Back to the food motif, I loved the new M&M ad; you know what's gonna' happen, and you want to root for the poor guy to get what he wants, but you also know that the M&M is going to get eaten eventually. I almost made that thrird just because it's chocolate! But fourth place will have to work.

The fifth and last of my favorites was actually a tie between the Tide commercial with the Montana stain and the Hyundai commercial with the ever worsening "road conditions". Both had surprise endings; the Montana stain being washed out with Tide by the man's wife (a Raven fan), and the final road hazard being dog drool on the windshield (as if a truckload of missiles wasn't bad enough).

While there were plenty of serious commercials, and ridiculous bits, as well, these really caught my attention, and restored my faith in (some of) the advertising industry.

I have to give special mention to the E-trade baby- pretty cool with all of the shots of him living it up with that pile of cash- "boom"!

Let me know what you think. That's my take on Super Bowl ads.