So the star of Football Night In America last night was Tim Dobbins and a couple kickers.

If Roger Goodell is serious about helmet to helmet hits then Dobbins better be sitting a couple games after the cheap shot he put on Jay Cutler Sunday night at Soldier Field. Blatant. Cowardly. Sit him down.

But this was the biggest intra conference game of the year thus far. On the NFL's biggest regular season stage. And one of the biggest names in the sport was knocked out on a cheap shot. Your move commissioner.

Cutler was joined by Michael Vick and Alex Smith on the sidelines Sunday. All three of these quarterbacks left their games with concussions. The beat goes on with the NFL and concussions. With no end in sight. 

As for the game, it didn't live up to the billing. It happens. Regular season, driving rain, lots of turnovers. All in all, a letdown. A sloppy slug fest in the mud.

I'd throw dirt on the Giants and call them done, but we've seen this before. Twice. Still too early to count out the Super Bowl Champions.

Let me throw dirt on another team though. The New Orleans Saints have redeemed themselves midway their year and have a nice building block for next year when (if?) Sean Peyton returns. And yes Drew Brees is still as good as it gets behind the center, but this resurrection is going to end sooner or later. They aren't catching up with the Bears, Packers, Falcons, 49ers or whoever comes out of the mess that is the NFC East right now. Not this year. Not with that defense. Not with the hole they dug themselves already. Put Detroit on that list too. It's not happening this year.

The NFC is wide open but the AFC is starting to take shape. The only real divisional battle is between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, who meet next Sunday night. The Texans are in, dominating their division. The Patrios will be in, they have no competition in the AFC East and Denver is in the same boat in the AFC West. It's not going to get an any harder for the Broncos for awhile either. The schedule is easy and Peyton Manning has got his offense on the same page finally. Now they have to stay healthy. Which, by the way, they didn't do yesterday as Elvis Dumervil hurt his shoulder and left the 36-14 trouncing of Carolina early yesterday. 

Speaking of the Panthers, they're a mess. Cam Newton was awful yesterday but it's hard to blame him completely. He was under siege the entire game. When he did have time he made poor decisions and bad passes. I don't know where the blame goes on this one, but Ron Rivera better watch out. They can't let Newton regress much longer. Someone has to get him back on the right track. That franchise depends on it.

ESPN "broke" the story this week of Jerry Jones and how he's not leaving the job as general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. And Jason Garret may or may not be around next year. This is news? Let's move on.

Trindon Holliday keeps returning kicks and punts for touchdowns. If only he would hold on to the ball.

What happened to the 49ers? I thought they had a ticket punched to the Super Bowl?

Moral of the story? There's a long way to go boys and girls. We've eliminated a few more teams as the season goes by, but it's way too early to pick a winner out of this group.