Spurrier Steve Spurrier has never had a filter when it came to speaking out about any topic in football. I believe that the old ball coach has topped anything that he has ever stated in his career.

Spurrier must be thinking of the lack of talent that he coached at Washington when he was in the NFL.

Anyone that thinks that young boys playing against developed grown men could work, is crazy.

I will entertain this topic, but we need to keep this real.

Alabama has an offensive line that is NFL-like and all the players on it are over 300 lbs. Barrett Jones will be a first round pick from this offensive line. Alabama's defense is good, but it's not as good as the past year's defenses that put four guys in the first round of the NFL last year.

One very important item to look at is the fact that some of the starters are not even going to make the NFL. Yes! Offenses like Oregon's would look slower against the speed of Bama's defense, but Bama would have to go up in speed to play a team like the Carolina Panthers.

Finally, I would throw it out there that an all Junior/Senior All-Star SEC team could beat teams like Carolina, Kansas City, or even the New York Jets. Think about it, the best five players from each school like Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, LSU, Mississippi State, and Florida. Just Alabama, Florida, and Georgia  could fill up the first round of the Draft. 

The next time that Spurrier decides to make a comment like that, he needs to look at a more realistic match-up like an All-Star SEC team vs a lower NFL team. I guess Spurrier likes to dream because that's the only way he'll win another title.

Sweetheart's Veiw:

I just think Spurrier is sexy.