"I went down to Houston  STeve Smith
And I stopped in San Antone 
I passed up the station for the bus 
I was trying to find me something 
But I wasn't sure just what 
Man I ended up with pockets full of dust 
So I went on to Cleveland and I ended up insane 
I bought a borrowed suit and learned to dance 
I was spending money like the way it likes to rain" 

- from 2000s Heatbreaker album-"Oh My Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams featuring Emmylou Harris

19th-century fairy tale storyteller and poet Hans Christian Andersen once said, "where words fail, music speaks."

If you can relate and deem this to be true, then, take a moment tonight and sing these mellow lyrics of Ryan Adams' hit song, "Oh My Sweet Carolina." (This will assuage the troubled hearts of Carolina Panthers fans.)

Steve Smith may be done running routes for Cam Newton.

Yahoo.com's Shutdown Corner writer Eric Edholm reported, "Smith has been upset with the lack of communication between the Panthers' front office and his agent."

Why, we're not sure -- but it's definitely not because of the beast's age. Smith turning 35 in May is a futile argument to shed light on now, or ever. Don't bring water guns to a garden hose fight.

Some teams, no, cities, could use his vocal leadership, Super Bowl experience and infectious swagger in 2014. Ask Ryan Adams, he knows.


The Texans currently are in need of a quarterback, an offensive tackle and a safety. With the first-overall pick in 2014s NFL Draft, it's fair to assume that GM Rick Smith will select a top-signal caller to compete against Case Keenum. (Sorry, T.J.)

Who will replace free-agents offensive linemen Andrew Gardner, Ryan Harris or Wade Smith?

Jared Veldheer of the Raiders or Branden Albert from Kansas City both play on the left side, the quarterback's blind side, so mentioning that may be a moot point. (They are searching for Duane Brown's successor, however.) 

Michael Oher could answer the call to guard the right shoulder of an incoming rookie quarterback.

Safety help? I smell Saints' Malcolm Jenkins nearby. 

Smith would complement Andre Johnson better than white wine and grilled seafood. The dual-threat, someone who could run both deep routes and short crossing patterns, could easily leve out the field-something that DeAndre Hopkins or Keshawn Martin weren't always able to accomplish.

The All-Pro provides a young quarterback tremendous upside, as he'll teach the player a thing or two about keeping his composure under pressure. (Random NFL Trivia: QB Jake Delhomme went to the Super Bowl in his first season with the Panthers in 2004.) 


Dallas is the closest to the 'San Antone' location Adams sings about.

The Cowboys need all the wide receiver help they can get their hands on. In 2013, Dallas' top three receivers, statically, were Dez Bryant (93), Jason Witten (73) and DeMarco Murray (53). I see a receiver, a tight end and a running back. Tony Romo is crafty and quick on his feet but, nobody is comparing him to MacGyver. 

On offense, Dallas ranked fifth in the League in points scored (27.4), but their dead-last ranking defense in yards allowed (415.3) failed to seal the deal.

Smith looks much more imposing on a depth chart than Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams and an injury-prone Miles Austin. If the Cowboys fill their voids at the defensive end, safety and cornerback positions during the Draft, I can see the Smith's phone ringing on his birthday. (Random NFL Trivia: Steve's birthday is on May 12th.)


Smith embodies the grittiness of this city and their team's raw style of play. 

Josh Gordon would love someone to complement him on the other side or in the slot. Like Dallas, the Browns' best receivers on the team in 2013 were Gordon, tight end Jordan Cameron and runningback Chris Ogbonnaya

Davone Bess, who was recently released, didn't exceed the team's expectations from when they acquired the receiver via trade from the Miami Dolphins during the 2013 draft. 

With two draft picks at No. 4 and No. 26, we can assume they'll try to bring in a runningback to spell free-agent Willis McGahee, quarterback and an offensive guard. Offensive linemen Oniel Cousins and Shawn Lauvao are planning to hit the market. 

Without these enhancements however, nobody on this earth could convince Smith to fly on over to Ohio.  

4. A TEAM IN CALIFORNIA, "May you one day carry me home" (49ers, Chargers, Raiders)

Yes, Smith was born in Los Angeles. Of course both Chargers wideouts Denario Alexander and Lavelle Hawkins are heading out. Jacoby Ford will soon leave Oakland. Mario Manningham, sorry.

Who wants to watch Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis AND Steve Smith win a Super Bowl ring together? I do.

San Diego's offensive line played much better in 2013. Their interior can use more support (whose can't?!). Their receiving core, Keenan Allen, Vincent Brown and Eddie Royal has more room for improvement. Improvement's first name is Steve.

5. Detroit Lions (7-9)

The choice was clear. I envisioned Smith playing alongside Calvin Johnson, over Demaryius Thomas.

Upon thorough research (flipping a quarter), this conclusion that Smith would be an ideal fit for the Lions made more and more sense to me.

Matt Stafford can finally throw the ball with ease instead of lobbing the pigskin into the air and praying that Megatron baills him out.

The Lions had it worse than the Cowboys and the Browns last year, as runningbacks Joique Bell and Reggie Bush and TE Brandon Pettigrew finished behind The Mega.

Basically, the Lions had sustained gut-wrenching feelings that gave such little-to-no margin of error. Their points scored (24.7), compared to their points given (23.5), it's clear as day that they need a receiver, and fast.

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