Steve Grogan was the New England Patriots quarterback for 16 years, from 1975 to the year 1990. In 1975 the New England Patriots drafted Steve Grogan in the fifth round. He went to school at Kansas State, where he was one of the schools all time leaders in offense. Steve Grogan played in thirteen games that year, out of a fourteen game season. He started 7 games of the last 8 because of the poor play of quarterback Jim Plunkett, the New England Patriot's starter for the four previous years. The New England Patriots went 3 – 11 in 1975, But Steve Grogan showed promise:
  • He threw for 1,976 yards
  • 11 touchdowns
  • 18 interceptions
  • He also had 110 yards rushing with three rushing touchdowns.
The following year in 1976, the New England Patriots traded Jim Plunkett, and made Steve Grogan their starting quarterback, and he immediately made an impact. They finished 11 – 3, which was their best record in team history to that point, with:
  • 1903 yards passing
  • 18 touchdown passes
  • 20 interceptions
  • 397 yards rushing
  • 12 rushing touchdowns, which were the NFL record of most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback, which stood up for 35 years until Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers broke it in 2011.
The New England Patriots made the playoffs for the first time in over ten years; unfortunately they lost in an AFC divisional game against The Oakland Raiders.
In 1977 they finished at 9 – 5.
  •  Steve Grogan ran for 324 yards
  •  Had 2162 passing yards
  •  With 17 touchdowns
  •  And 23 interceptions
In 1978 the New England Patriots finished with an 11 – 5 record and had the greatest season rushing by a team in league history, which still stands today.
  • The New England Patriots as a team rushed for 3,156 yards, which Steve Grogan ran for 539 yards of those yards, and five rushing touchdowns.
  • They had four players with over 500 yards rushing.
  • Sam Cunningham (running back) – 768 yards
  • Andy Johnson (running back) – 675 yards
  • Horace Ivory (running back) – 693 yards
  • Steve Grogan (quarterback) – 539 yards
  • Also set a record with 181 first downs that year.
  • Steve Grogan threw for 2,824 yards passing, and 15 touchdowns.
The New England Patriots qualified for the playoffs once again, and their first ever home playoff game. Unfortunately they lost to the Houston Oilers in a divisional playoff game 31 – 14.
In 1979 Steve Grogan threw for 3,286 yards and Ran for 368 yards, with two rushing touchdowns. Not only could he make you pay with his running ability, but he was also known as a lethal passer. This was his best year statistically, and he threw for 28 touchdowns.
In the 1980s Steve Grogan had many injuries, and while he started every game from 1976 – 1979, he never played in every game for the rest of his career, and in 1983 the New England Patriots drafted quarterback Tony Eason in the first round. For the rest of Steve Grogan's career he had to continually compete for his job as quarterback, but was always a true gentleman about it.
In 1985, Tony Eason was the New England Patriots starting quarterback, but after going Just 2 – 3 in the first five games, Coach Raymond Berry benched Tony Eason, and brought in Steve Grogan as the starter. New England went on to win their next six games behind Steve Grogan. Unfortunately he broke his leg in week 12, playing the New York Jets, and coach Berry brought back in Tony Eason.
They qualified for the playoffs once again in 1985, after going 11 – 5, as a wild card team. They went on to win three road playoff games, and eventually their first Super Bowl berth. Unfortunately they were up against the Chicago Bears, a brute of a team that just beat up everybody that year, and New England was no exception.
While Tony Eason was instrumental in getting the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl, he could do nothing against the red hot defense of the Chicago Bears, and Buddy Ryan's defense. Coach Raymond Berry benched Tony Eason and brought in Steve Grogan, who threw for 177 yards with 17 completions, 30 attempts, and a touchdown. Don’t forget he broke his leg a few weeks earlier. New England still ended up losing by a score of 46 – 10.
Steve Grogan was with New England until 1990, when he retired. He was with New England for 16 years, his whole career. At the time it was the longest time any player was with the Patriots. He was the leading passer in the 1987 (1183 yards, and 10 touchdowns), and 1989 (1697 yards, and 9 touchdowns) seasons.
Career stats:
  • He played 149 games for New England in 16 years
  • Completed 1879 passes with 3593 attempts
  • He threw for 26,886 yards
  • 182 touchdowns
  • He ran for 2176 yards
  • He had 35 rushing touchdowns
  • His 4.9 yards per run average is among the best
The one thing that also stands out about Steve Grogan was his toughness, not only mentally, but physically as well. In 1990 at the end of his career He had five knee surgeries, two broken legs, each shoulder was separated, surgery on his throwing arm elbow, three concussions, and a broken left hand (which he still played). He also had two ruptured discs in his neck which he played with for 1 ½ years, he just wore a neck brace.
Steve Grogan was also a leader on the field and the players really looked up to him. He always tried to keep the team positive and focused, even when things were going bad and there was controversy. He even called his own plays for a while.
After retiring he remained in the Massachusetts area, and owns a sports store in Mansfield, Massachusetts called Grogan Marciano Sporting Goods which was started by Rocky Marciano's (the famous boxer) brother. Grogan purchased the store 17 years ago. Steve Grogan still attends games occasionally, and is honored by the Patriots organization frequently. Steve Grogan is a member of the New England Patriots Hall Of Fame.