I appears that Hines Ward's 14-year run with the Steelers is coming to an end soon. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports "The Steelers will release WR Hines Ward". 

What made the Steelers come to the conclusion of releasing Ward?

Hines Ward on a different team is almost harder to imagine than Peyton Manning on the Dolphins.  Ward was a hoss at receiver during his prime and would make a great slot for any team. Here are some of his potential landing spots for the veteran.

Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars are not loaded at receiver, to say the least.  They need a major upgrade. Ward could probably start as a No. 2 wideout if the Jags draft Michael Floyd or Justin Blackmon, and with his talent and abilities he could probably squeeze out another few seasons in a Jaguars uniform.

Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings don't look very strong at receiver and although age isn't what they need, Ward could help out quarterback Chrisian Ponder by having a true vet at receiver.  Ward has been solid over the course of his career and will make this team or any team for that matter, very happy.

There aren' many places where Ward would be a perfect fit, but the Super Bowl MVP could probably find a niche for any team in need of a veteran pass catcher.

Ward has four Pro Bowls and two Super Bowl rings on his resume, and will probably have a decent market available for him. After 1,000 receptions and over 13,000 yards and 85 TDs under his Jersey, look for Ward to be picked up quickly during the free agency period. I wouldnt count out seeing a Peyton Manning/Reggie Wayne/Hines Ward team up in the near future.