1-10: Dwyer takes handoff for a 3-yard gain.

2-7: Playing zone defense against Big Ben and Co. in shotgun formation, I liked that rookie David Amerson stayed at home and didn’t hesitate to tackle Jonathan Dywer.

3-5: Steelers shotgun, 11 personnel, The Redskins played two deep safeties and rushed four on a play when the Steelers only needed five to move the chains.

The linebackers called a timeout prior to the play, the referees for some reason didn’t blow the whistle to stop the clock, and the nine yards gained on the play, fortunately for Washington, were nullified due to an illegal formation penalty against Black-and-Yellow. Ouch.


2-7: Alfred Morris takes the rock on a 4-yard trip across the line of scrimmage. Think Cousins should’ve called an audible on this play? (Notice the cushion between the receivers and corners.)

3-3: Shotgun, 11 personnel, Captain Kirk is … sacked for a loss of 5 yards. The Steelers load the box with seven and rush four. The Redskins' offensive line protection may have been set off by this look.

The Steelers' D punishes the Redskins' offense, dominating them to go three-and-out.


1-10: The Steelers start off in a simple 11 personnel. The tight end begins to motion towards the left hash mark, balancing out the strong side but comes back. When Roethlisberger snaps the ball, the trips side immediately run-block their defenders, No. 7 does a one-step drop back and hits Antonio Brown on a quick slant for a 9-yard gain.

After J. Dwyer’s 4-yard run,

1-10: 22 personnel, both tight ends release, the Redskins cover well and Roethlisberger naturally runs up the middle for a five-yard pickup.

10-yard penalty! Offensive holding, back to the 18 yard line we go…

1-20: 21 personnel - Roethlisberger tosses a beauty to the rail connecting with No. 84, Antonio Brown, before tiptoeing out of bounds. The ref throws a terrible towel of his own, and it’s an unnecessary roughness penalty for a late hit on strong safety, DeJon Gomes. Shame on the third-year pro. Maybe you shouldn’t line up that far behind the corner … nonetheless, Brown used his wit to scope out the soft spot in the zone coverage.

1-10: Dwyer is halted a gain after a run of five yards.

2-5: 22 personnel, one tight end and both running backs release, Roethlisberger keeps his eyes down the field, sheds an oncoming tackler, avoids a sack and completes a 26-yarder to No. 81, Paulson, (not Logan Paulsen) on the sidelines. David Amerson stuck to his man in man-on-man situations; Paulson did a great job getting open sneaking behind the rookie cornerback.

1-10: Dwyer behind the right end for plus 3.

2-7: on WAS 13 - 12 personnel, the Steelers lined up in yet another weird formation, used motion to move around the receiver (for a coverage read), and successfully exposed the Redskins' soft spot. Batch was the receiver running in motion and Roethlisberger’s target. Illegal use of the hands on M. Pouncey…10-yard penalty

2-17: This short dump off pass to B. Batch is good enough for 9 yards.  

3-8: shotgun formation, 11 personnel. Roethlisberger salsa dances behind the line of scrimmage with the Redskins' defensive line and connects with Emmanuel Sanders on a crossing route for 10 yards. Penalty on M. Adams for offensive holding

3-18: J. Dwyer picks up 14 yards. Touchdown-saving tackle credit to DeAngelo Hall.

Steelers commit three penalties on offense for a loss of 30 yards and the Redskins limit them to a field goal, thanks to a squeaky tackle by Hall.

Pittsburgh definitely would’ve scored this drive if it weren’t for their mental errors, and it goes to show that the Redskins have much more to talk about than communication on the defensive side of the ball.

Kirk Cousins2nd quarter, 12:25, D3:

1-10: Redskins' offense start in the 21 (2 RB, 1 TE) personnel. Kirk Cousins fakes two hand-offs, one to his running back and another to his receiver in motion.

This catches the Pittsburgh defense off-guard, and you’ll see at the 9-second mark (between the 20 and 30-yard line) the development of a gaping hole for Cousins to take off for a 7-yard gain.

2-3: On the next play, the Redskins come out of the huddle and into the 20 personnel. Cousins this time fakes a hand-off to the left and rolls out to his right.

This misdirection forces the Steelers to crash right and had Cousins threw the ball as soon as his slot receiver came out of his break on a crossing route, it would’ve gone for a 10-yard completion. Instead, the quarterback tucked it in and scrambled, picking up seven more yards. Cousins left the field with a right foot injury after this play.

2-17: Shotgun formation, 11 personnel/Two plays later, the Redskins led by RGIII 2.0 (Rex Grossman the Third), the throw made to receiver Leonard Hankerson is too high and in-and-out of his hands.

3-17: Shotgun formation, 11 personnel, The Redskins motion their tight end in the backfield, Grossman takes a five-step drop back, thinks twice to throw the ball over the middle to WR Santana Moss (14-yard gain).


Right before this tacky exchange by Grossman to fullback Darrel Young, the Redskins near-sack King Kerrigan stripped Brad Gradkowski and Barry Cofield recovered the fumble. Could you ask for any more momentum from King Near-sack? On Pittsburgh’s 16-yard line?


It’s the preseason. We can care less if the Redskins are 2-0, or if Pittsburgh stands at a bleak 0-2. I advise you fans to keep your hopes at an all-time low. The Steelers pampered the Redskins by making consistent mistakes and by losing yardage on their own accord.

Late in the fourth quarter Washington’s defensive backs were dropping passes as if they weren't wanting to run the scoreboard. Right, that wasn’t the case. Their defense, however, did bully the Steelers' third-stringers and toyed with quarterback rookie Landry Jones (9/22/1 TD) in the pocket.

Bruce Gradkowski lost a fumble and didn’t fare well after that. I’m sure coach Chip Kelly in Philadelphia made his decision based on Monday night’s Redskins/Steelers game tape. Mobility in a quarterback against the Redskins is the key, Coach.

The Steelers were at a disadvantage and it's great for them that the Redskins aren't in their schedule this year. 

The Redskins' offensive depth chart is solid from what we witnessed. Their receiving corps is absolutely ridiculous. They have playmakers all around, aside from the obvious (Pierre Garcon/Santana Moss), Leonard Hankerson, Aldrick Robinson, Josh Morgan, and Devery Henderson. Receiver/quarterback chemistry is the single and most vital asset to a team’s offense in my opinion, and the only thing Redskins fan-kind should hope for now is for RGIII to click with them when he reenters the starting line-up come the team’s season opener on September 9th.

Go long, until next time.