Stats Don't Lie: The NFL's 10 Worst Cornerbacks Of 2012

By Skyler Scoggan
February 12, 2013 9:21 am
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Cornerbacks in today's pass happy NFL are among the most important positions to fill with guys who can shadow the games best wide outs. Even with the best of pass rushers teams can fall apart on the back end which can lead to disasters.

Recently more money has been pumped into the position than ever before with teams attempting to sign, trade for, and draft the next Champ Bailey, Darrelle Revis, or Antoine Winfield.

Just look at the impact that Richard Sherman, Charles Tillman, Casey Hayward, Robert McClain, Tim Jennings, and Patrick Peterson had this year for their respective defensive units. They were vital to anything the defense did.

Every season there is a batch of guys who are burned, beaten, or fried (whichever verb you wish to describe a terrible play for a corner).

For some teams the one on one battles that these guys lose on an every game basis can make or break a team's season. Just ask Washington, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, Jacksonville, or Detroit. They all hope they can pick up the broken pieces from last season.

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By Skyler Scoggan
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2 years ago
You forgot Cromartie for the JEts. This guy gets turned around, juked, twisted and burnt, way too much for a supposed star corner. He had a better year this year, but his time with the Jets over all has just been disgraceful.
2 years ago
Not looking at the numbers I would agree with you that Cromartie has gone downhill. However, Pro Football Focus graded him out as the 5th best cover corner last season and QB's competed just 46% of passes throwing at him (5th best as well. He did get scored on five times but he isn't as bad of a corner like some make him out to be. This was all to my surprise as well.
2 years ago
another great observation--I like your stuff. Pat Mc.
2 years ago
Solid stuff Bro.Hall is an liability though,in coverage and in life.Costs more than he is worth.Wrote about him in "headcases"piece.Always a fun topic.Again, great piece.

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