As I predicted, the Rams won the game!  It was a close game with an overtime score of 16-13.  The Rams have one more divisional game to go, and it's safe to say that they won't lose a divisional game this season.

Sam Bradford made the only Ram touchdown of the game during the final quarter.  This happened after my favorite draft pick Janoris Jenkins caught a fumble made by Colin Kaeperrick.

Without a second left to spare, rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein kicked a field goal to tie the game.  Less then half a minute into overtime, he kicked another field goal to win the game.  Both of the  field goals were over fifty yards.  The chances of Zuerlein breaking the field goal record before the season is over is pretty good.

The 49ers dominated the ball 38:54 minutes to 35:40 minutes, and they even had 18 first downs to the Rams 14, but they still weren't able to win the game.

The Rams had more completion and attempts 26-39 to 21-32.  The Rams also had more passing yards 208 to 191.

This is one of the only games this season where the Rams didn't have more penalties or penalties then their opponents.  The 49ers had 11 penalties and 97 penalty yards while the Rams had 8 penalties and 65 penalty yards.

This is the first game since the bye week that the Rams haven't fumbled the ball.  Now that's what I call progress!  There is no doubt that the Rams are growing and improving.

The Rams move on to play the Buffalo Bills in New York.  If they want a chance at the division title or a wild card spot it's a game that they have to win.