The St. Louis Rams put up a hard fight during the season opener to the Lions. The game even started off with a field goal kick by the rookie Greg Zurelein who had a total of three field goals. During the second quarter corner back Cortland Finnegan intercepted Matthew Stafford for a touchdown taking the Rams to halftime with a one point lead.

Roger Saffold was injured during the fourth quarter causing the momentum to shift to the Lions. Tests still have to be done on Saffold, but it looks likely that he'll return in the near future. The good news is that Saffold was the only injury for the Rams. The Rams are usually injury plagued and actually had a few injuries during the opening game last season.

Zurelein kicked a 46 yard field goal with 1:55 left in the game giving the Rams a 23-20 point lead. However, with ten seconds left in the game Matthew Stafford scored a touchdown giving the lions a 27-23 point win. As in previous seasons, the Rams need to learn how to score touchdowns instead of field goals if they actually want to win a game.

As I predicted in an earlier article, it was a close win. Although the Lions did win there were some bright sides for the Rams. The biggest bright side was that defensive tackle Suh didn't even touch Bradford once.

The defense looked great even without Brockers playing. I can only imagine how great the defense is going to be once Brockers is back in a few weeks. The Rams held their own against one of the toughest teams despite the fact that they had 17 rookies playing. I'm not just saying it because I'm a die hard Rams fan, it really is remarkably impressive.

Next week the Rams face the Redskins with rookie quarterback RG3. The Redskins had a great game, but they did play against a struggling Saints team. If the Rams are going to beat the Skins they're going to have to find a way to put up points on the board.