The Rams ended up trading the 6th pick to the Cowboys for their 45th pick.  This means that the Rams now have three second round picks.  The Rams missed out on Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd,  and Fletcher Cox, enraging many Rams fans.  The Rams ended up picking Michael Brockers, a 6'5 322 lb Defensive Tackle from LSU.  Like most fans, my initial reaction was "who?"

Was it a good pick? That's hard to say since he only started for one year in college and I've never heard of him. I would have preferred to see wide receiver but there's still plenty to pick from. Is Brockers ready to make an impact? The Rams need all the help they can get so the answer is most likely yes. From what I've read most fans don't have much faith in him, but I have faith in him. The good news is that he does have speed and with time and sound coaching, he can become a disruptive tackling machine.

 Many fans are upset about the pick, but most still have faith in Fisher and Snead. I've seen many posts about how the Rams have no talent which makes me sick to my stomach. We have all new coaches and haven't even played a pre season game yet. While I wouldn't have gone with Brockers and would have picked Riley Reiff, I will keep my trust in coach Fisher. Draft experts have given the pick of Brockers a B+ and I respectfully agree.