It’s almost July!  That means it’s almost time for training camp!  It’s time for the rookies, vets, and novices to get back on the field.  It’s time for the media, fans, players, coaches, and analysts to start asking the big questions.  With new coaches and players, many eyes are fixed on St. Louis, and the media and NFL fans are becoming more interested.  There are many questions revolving around the St. Louis Rams this year.  These questions involve players, coaches, and even places.  In this article I’ll cover the three biggest questions that I have as a diehard fan.

                                   Will the draft picks gel?

GM Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher recently completed their very first draft together.  Both men are known as draft gurus separately.   How did they do together?  If things go as planned, the rookies will work very well together and turn the Rams into a force to be reckoned with.  If things do gel, Fisher will coach a very solid team.  If the players work well together they’ll be a well oiled machine.  On the other hand, things could blow up in the faces of the newly paired duo.  If the draft picks don’t gel as planned it’s not going to be a good season.  The Rams drafted a total of eleven players filling in some very big needs. However, they did not get any big name players.  They almost drafted Justin Blackmon with their first pick, but missed out on him at the last minute.  The team has added some players with personal concerns (Cortland Finnegan) and immense talent. Will they be talented together?  Are the personal concerns a thing of the past?

Will Sam Bradford improve?

This is the million dollar question.  Sam Bradford is going into his third season and he has already taken a lot of bumps and bruises.  Bradford didn’t have a very good second season but he has a new coaching staff along with new teammates.  Bradford missed some games due to injury last season so he didn’t get the full opportunity to improve.  Coach Fisher has already taken a shine to Bradford and boasted about his abilities.  In fact, Bradford is one of the main reasons Fisher decided to coach the Rams.  Will Bradford improve this season?  If he does improve how much is he going to improve?  Will the new quarterback coach give him the tools that he needs?  Is he really the franchise quarterback he was touted to be?  Will he have a good wide receiver core to throw the ball to?  Will the offensive line be able to give him the help he needs?  Will Bradford finally be protected?  Will he get the time and opportunity to make the big plays elite quarterbacks are known for?  The media has been tough on Bradford, but the fans continue to rally behind him.  Sam Bradford is feeling a lot of pressure, but only time will tell if he can rise to the challenge.  All eyes are going to be on Sam Bradford this season.

Will this be one of the last seasons in St. Louis?

There has been talk of the Rams moving back to L.A. for the last few years.  A new stadium is being built in L.A. but there’s still no team to move in.  While there are a few candidates, the Rams remain the most talked about.  Will the Rams actually move?  Will the chances of moving decrease if 2012 is a great season?  Revenue sure can’t hurt!  The fans are tired of waiting and wondering about what will happen with the Rams.  It’s a question that’s discussed in groups, on sports sites, and fan pages.  As the Rams get ready to prepare for the season the fans continue to sit and wonder.  There are plenty of arguments for staying and moving.  Ultimately the decision belongs to one man.  While owner Stan Kronke hasn’t said much on the subject, he has made some of his wishes clear.  Kronke helped bring the Rams to St. Louis almost twenty years ago and stated that he wants the Rams to remain in St. Louis.  However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll actually stay.  Earlier in June the CVC and the St. Louis Rams weren’t able to reach an agreement.  This means that both sides are now in negotiation.  Chances are that the two sides may be in negotiation until the end of the year.