Happy New Years Rams fans! safdfds

St. Louis had a rough 2013. Their franchise QB was injured halfway through the season, and it looked as if every other position was playoff ready. Kellen Clemens did a good job replacing Bradford, but his subpar performances week in and week out weren't enough for a .500 season and they fell to 7-9. Maybe this year will be different, let's take a look at 3 New Years Resolutions and wishes for the St. Louis Rams : 

Full season of a healthy Sam Bradford
Jeff Fisher and gang must have a healthy Bradford if it hopes to compete in the NFC West. At home this season, the Rams' defense looked like the best in the NFL, pair that in with a healthy Bradford and you have a very dangerous Rams team. His health will be a huge factor all through next season. 

Find a way to use Tavon Austin 
Austin was not satisfied with his Rookie year. Avoiding a "Sophomore Slump" and finding ways to use his talents will give St. Louis the best chance to go  10-6 or 9-7 next season and squeak into the playoffs. 

Avoid a slow start on offense
St Louis on offense in the first half was not very pretty this last season. In the first half against NFC West opponents they scored 10,3,3,3,3, and 0. That is extremely unimpressive no matter who is at QB.  Next year, the offense should improve on this and let pressure off of their defense in the second half. 

( Also if the scheduling gods didn't make St. Louis finish the season with a road game at Seattle that would be a nice change as well )