I have a lot of respect for the Rams/49ers rivalry, but the divisional rival I hate the most is the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams have never beat the Seahawks twice in the same season, but the Rams haven't lost a divisional game this season.

We already know that Steven Jackson is going to have his 8th straight 1,000 yard game season. He's only 10 yards away! We also know that Zuerlein is most likely not going to break any NFL records (not against one of the toughest road teams in the NFL), but what else is going to happen in the game? 

Rams Win Close Game

The St. Louis Rams had their winning season hopes dashed by the Seahawks in the final game of the 2010 season.  Unlike the final game of 2010, this game will be very close and will keep fans on the edge of their seats til the end.  The Rams won't win by more then 3 or 7 points, but they'll win and that's all that matters.  Don't be surprised if the game goes into overtime, with a final score of something like 27-20.  It may seem odd especially with the Seahawks having such high scoring games.  I'm going based on the fact that the Rams/Seahawks games have been fairly low scoring in recent history.  Last year the Rams didn't win a single game in the division, this year they'll end up being undefeated in the division.

Seahawks Won't Score More Then 20 Points

The Rams have a great defense that will be able to keep the Seattle offense from scoring too many points.  The Seahawks are already going to the playoffs so they're not going to play their best game.  Jeff Fisher is hungry for a winning season, and so are the Rams.  The Rams who want to end their season with a positive note and a win will play their best game.  The Rams are also looking for payback after that before mentioned 2010 game.  To beat the Seahawks the Rams are going to have to avoid penalties and turnovers.  They'll also have to keep the Seahawks from scoring.

Janoris Jenkins Just Jubilant 

Janoris Jenkins is going to be quite ecstatic when he gets at least 5 tackles and at least one touchdown in the game.  Who will Jenkins target?  None other then Marshawn Lynch!  Jenkins is going to have the best game of his season. Jenkins has only gotten better as the season progressed, and will show why he deserves to be a darkhorse in the rookie of the year discussion.  Jenkins had some drama earlier in the season but after this game it'll all be forgotten.  Other stars who will show up include Sam Bradford, Chris Long, Danny Amendola, and Jo Lonn Dunbar.  Who will show up for the Seahawks?  Sidney Rice, Russel Okung, and yes the 12th man.

Look for a lot of interceptions in the game from the Rams.  Also look for Sam Bradford to step up during the game.  He'll have at least 200 yards and a touchdown now that the team is continuing to improve.  Russell Wilson is also a good quarterback, but don't expect too much from him, and expect him to be sacked several times.  The Rams were able to stop the red hot Cardinals and now it's time for them to stop the red hot Seahawks.