The week ten matchup between San Francisco and St. Louis is one filled with opportunities. The 49ers enter this game behind the scope and on the radar of the entire National Football League. The Niners are feared and consistently receive the greatest attention for their consistency, old-school play and the way they travel a potential path to the top of The League. Jim Harbaugh and his group can set the tone for the second half of the season by a strong performance at home; set the stage for a bigger matchup against the Chicago Bears next week while staying in the fight for the number one seed in the NFC. Unfortunately, the same can cause the Niners to lose focus and game against a struggling and dangerous team.


St. Louis (3-5) enters the game clearly residing in must-win territory. This is their time to turn around an uncomfortable season. Their playoff chances crumbling as the time ticks, the Rams have the opportunity to remain unbeaten within the division looking forward towards their last three divisional contests after Sunday afternoon. Nevertheless, in order to do so, they must play better than they have all season.


1. The Rams have no chance of winning this game. Despite the prospects of Danny Amendola returning from injury, the Rams have limited personnel, mistake-heavy habits and face bad matchups. The 49ers defense is top-10 versus the rush, the Rams 18th in rush. They have only scored two rushing touchdowns all year. Press the Rams to pass by stopping the rush will create further issues. Sam Bradford is one of a few quarterbacks to be sacked more than Alex Smith. To make matters worse, the Rams are 28th in The League in total yards. The St. Louis team is totally outmatched.


2. The 49ers will shut their fifth opponent out of the endzone. Previous information noted, the Rams may score, but only by field goal. St. Louis does not have the weapons to threaten the goal line against the 49ers top defensive unit. San Francisco is fresh coming off the bye week, playing at home and poised by coach Jim Harbaugh to avoid a letdown before next week’s big matchup versus the Chicago Bears. Two of the three Rams’ wins (Arizona, Seattle) came against teams the Niners handled effectively. What are the chances the 49ers come out flat and give the Rams a chance? NONE!


3. The San Francisco 49ers are the best team in the National Football League. No other team are as balanced from unit to unit. Sure, the Atlanta Falcons are undefeated, but they have struggled against weak competition. The Giants can definitely play big-game football, but they have the sort of holes (running game, secondary) that teams at the very top do not. The Chicago Bears are making tons of noise and news with their defense (more on this match-up next week); but expect the Niners to prove greater the next few weeks. To further prove their dominance, the Niners will pound the Rams into the ground, turn Sam Bradford over  and keep them out of the endzone. Niners win 27-6.