The 2012-2013 regular season is underway! Now it's time for a quick Rams preseason wrap up.

The preseason was a mixed bag for the St. Louis Rams, who went 2-2. The Rams have been busy rebuilding their roster under new coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead, so they do have some work to do.

The Rams started the preseason with a big loss against the Colts, but ended it with a win against the Ravens. In between, the Rams had a win against the Chiefs and a very close loss against the Cowboys.

Overall, it was a pretty good preseason for the Rams, and they only made it to the other side with only one big casualty.

That casualty was the injury to first draft pick Michael Brockers. Brockers will have to sit out the first game. Brockers is expected to be out for a month, but the Rams have suffered plenty worse casualties in previous preseasons.

The Rams had some very impressive preseason highlights including a Jenkins interception, a two and three touchdown game for Bradford, catches from Danny Amendola and Lance Kendricks, and many long field goals from rookie kicker Greg Zuerlien.

Jason Smith who didn't do anything during the preseason, and arguably the worse player on the team, was released. Even though he hadn't fully had a chance to prove himself, his contract was too costly for the Rams.

Last year, the Rams had three preseason wins but only two regular season victories. How will this preseason translate in terms of the regular season?

The Rams have shown that they're a strong team that seems to be gelling together quite nicely. However, that gel isn't fully formed yet. There's no question that the Rams are going to win more then two or three games during the regular season. The Jeff Fisher era has begun, and it looks very promising.