Every NFL team has a 53-man roster. On every roster there tends to be a least loved and most loved player.

The terminology tends to be most hated but when I asked fans in the fan sites who is the most hated most of them said that they do not hate any fans on the roster.

It's things like that which make me so proud to be a Rams fan! It was a little bit hard to come up with a consensus for least loved player but after looking at statistics and performances, I was able to pick a player.

Least Loved

Jason Smith hasn't done anything to get in trouble in the off-seasons, but the only thing he has managed to do during the regular seasons has been to get demoted. The right tackle is one of the main players who protects the quarterback. Sam Bradford hasn't been able to prosper as a quarterback since he hasn't gotten the protection he needed. Jason Smith has a big role to play on the team, that is when he's actually playing. In 2011 Jason Smith only played six games. In his three years with the Rams he has played in 29 and started in 26.

For a guy who will have a $8,500,000 salary he hasn't done much to earn it. He hasn't even done anything in the preseason. Smith has struggled with both technique and injuries and has been uninspired. It looks like Smith will fade into bustville, but now head coach Jeff Fisher is on board.

Coach Fisher will try to motivate Smith into utilizing his talents and abilities, but it's a bit soon to tell if he'll be able to get anything out of him. Until Jason Smith turns his career around he holds the spot as the least loved St. Louis Ram.

Most Loved

It''s normally hard to pick the most loved player on the team. However, this isn't the case with the current Rams roster. In fact it's such a no-brainer that I didn't even have to ask anyone. The most loved player is the talented and hard working running back Steven Jackson. In fact, fans love him so much that they wish he could play on the team forever. I could go on and on about Steven Jackson for pages, but I'll keep it short and sweet.

Steven Jackson is known for rushing for at least 1,000 yards during most seasons. He is the Rams all-time leading rusher. Nicknamed “the beast” he has won many games for the Rams and always gives the team 120 percent. To date his career stats include a total of nearly 12,100 combined yards, 426 first downs, 60 touchdowns, and almost 2,150 attempts. In eight years he has only missed a total of 13 games which is quite commendable.

Jackson is also loved because of his character and integrity on and off the field. Jackson does community service and volunteer work in his spare time and has never gotten into any trouble. Not only do fans love Jackson, but Jackson loves the fans. He now has a contract that'll allow him to retire a Ram, but he believes he can play well past the age of 30. What isn't there to love about Steven Jackson?