The St. Louis Rams are 3-2 but have yet to win a road game. The Miami Dolphins are 2-3 but have won only one of their last three games.

There is much buzz about coach Jeff Fisher playing against the team he turned down. Below are three bold predictions for the game.

Greg Zuerlein breaks the NFL kicking record

So far Greg Zuerlein has gotten close to a 65-yard field goal but it hasn't happened yet. The Dolphins are one of the worst opponents left on the Rams' schedule so if it's going to happen it's most likely going to happen during this game. Many Rams fans are waiting on pins and needles for Zuerlein to break the record. On Sunday the wait will be over.

Reggie Bush will have breakout game

I'd say the Rams will take it out on the quarterback again but that's old news and no longer bold. For this game I will focus on one of their best, Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush is still one of the best running backs in the NFL.

So far he has only had 84 rushing yards this season. More than half of them were from last week. Although the Rams will win the game, Reggie Bush will have a breakout game. He'll have at least 100 rushing yards if not more. He'll even score a touchdown, most likely the only one the Dolphins will have during the game.

Rams win by at least 10 points

Most of the Rams win have been marginal and by only 3-4 points. It's a bold prediction to say that the Rams will win this game since they're not a good team, but I'll be bold enough to say they'll get a double digit win. The Rams are on the high of a two game winning streak. The Rams defense is only getting better and better. A lot of the points for the Rams will come from the before mentioned Zuerlein.  Most of the points will come from the defense, especially with Amendola out.