Sam Bradford It wasn't a Sunday night or Monday night game, but it was still another embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bears for the St. Louis Rams.

I did predict that it was going to be a loss for the Rams, but I thought the Rams would have a better performance then they actually did.

 The Bears beat the Rams 23-6. The Rams only scored two field goals courtesy of rookie Greg Zuerlein.

The Rams came off the high of beating the Redskins the week before, but they weren't even able to score a touchdown during this game.

Jay Cutler didn't have a good game, but the Bears' defense was able to keep from fumbling and win the game. The Rams are now the only team not to force their opponent to fumble this season.

One of the reasons the Rams had so much trouble is because they weren't able to protect Bradford. Bradford was sacked six times during the game. The Rams had two costly turnovers which didn't help either.

The bright side of the game for the Rams was that they only had four penalties and 40 penalty yards while the Bears had six penalties and 45 penalty yards.

Mental errors and mistakes have been costly for the Rams so far. The good news is that the season is still young and the Rams still show promises of improvement. The Rams now move on to face two divisional games which are both critical to the team.