The St. Louis Rams had an excellent draft.  They are flying high during the off-season.  But as we all know, wins and losses and losses don't count until the season start. 

And lucky for us the season starts, at training camp. 

Here are the five of the most pressing questions as the Rams head into training camp.

5. Will Michael Sam make the team?

Sam is a seventh round draft pick.  In the past seventh round draft picks are no sure fire guarantee to make the team and are routinely cut in training camp.  Training camp is the place for the 53 best players.  As has bees stated Sam is too small to play defensive end in NFL and not quick enough to shift to linebackers.  Add that to the fact that teh Rams have one of the best defensive lines in NFL with Chris Long and Robert Quinn as their foundation, and Sam's chances look slim. 

Will Sam excel on special teams?  It is his best chance, maybe his only chance.

4. Will the secondary play equal the defensive line play?

The Rams defensive line is formidable.  The secondary not so much.  Last season the secondary surrendered 242 passing yards per game.  Will the Rams find relief in training camp?

3. Who will emerge as the number one wide receiver?

The Rams are in desperate need of offense.  Going into training camps there are possibilities.  Kenny Britt, Chris Givens and Brian Quick are all in position.  Who will emerge?

Last season stats do not emit optimism? 

Kenny Britt was targeted 35 times.  He caught 11 passes for 96 yards and zero touchdowns.

Chris Givens was targeted 83 times.  He caught 34 receptions for 569 yards and zero touchdowns.

And Brian Quick was targeted 64 times.  He completed 29 receptions for 458 yards and four touchdowns.

Who will emerge?

2. Will Sam Bradford stay healthy?

Bradford is the franchise quarterback.  Who will emerge as the number one wide receiver is far less important than if their franchise quarterback can stay on the field. 

The omens say that this may be the year Bradford plays all 16 regular season games.   Why?

In 2010 he played 16 games, 2011 he was on the field for 10 games.  In 2012 he played 16 games and in 2013 he was on the field for 7 games.

It's an even numbered year.  You have a better way to predict?

1. Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams

The Rams defense is already formidable.  Now they are throwing in DC- Williams.  Williams you may remember was uncermoniously dismissed from the NFL for a small transgression named BountyGate.  Heeessssssss Baaaacccckkkk!

Williams is a defensive guru.  He employs an agressive blitz heavy 4-3 scheme.  His mantra is pressure...pressure...pressure. 

Last season, his first back in the NFL he was employed as senior defensive assistant with the Tennessee Titans.  He guided the team to a 14th finish in the league in total yards allowed and 16th in scoring defense.  The year before the Titans finished 27th in total yards and last in scoring defense.

If anyone is betting the Rams defense won't finish in the top five this year. 

Pay very close attention during training camp. 

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