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Kansas City +7.5 @ San Diego (O/U 42.5)

Norv Turner's Chargers are 6-10 ATS (.375) coming home after a road loss.


Denver -3.5 @ Cincinnati (O/U 47)

John Fox's Broncos are 3-1 ATS (.750) and 4-0 straight up when coming in on at-least a two-game ATS win streak.

Marvin Lewis is 7-11-1 ATS (.389) at home since 2010.


Arizona +11 @ Green Bay (O/U 43.5)

Mike McCarthy is 10-5 ATS (.667) as a double-digit home favorite.

Mike McCarthy is 4-1 ATS (.800) as a double-digit favorite, coming off an ATS loss.


Miami -2.5 @ Indianapolis (O/U 43.5)

Miami is coming in on a three-game straight-up win streak.

Miami has not won four straight games straight up since December 2008.


Baltimore -3.5 @ Cleveland (O/U 42.5)

John Harbaugh is 0-5 ATS (.000) in his last five games, the longest losing streak of his career.


Carolina +3 @ Washington (O/U 46)

Carolina is currently on a five-game straight-up losing streak, the first of Ron Rivera's career.

Mike Shanahan's Redskins are 6-1 ATS (.857) coming in on a two-game losing streak.


Detroit -3.5 @ Jacksonville (O/U 44)

Jim Schwartz has an over-under record of 9-1-2 (.900) on the road, coming off a win.


Chicago -3.5 @ Tennessee (O/U 43.5)

Lovie Smith is 1-4 ATS (.200) coming in on a five-game win streak.

Lovie Smith has an O/U record of 2-16 (.111) coming in on a two-game ATS losing streak.


Minnesota +5 @ Seattle (O/U 39.5)

Pete Carroll's Seahawks are 14-6 ATS (.700) at home.


Tampa Bay +1.5 @ Oakland (O/U 45)

Greg Schiano is 5-2 ATS (.714), and is currently on a four-game over streak.

Greg Schiano is 3-0 ATS (1.000) on the road.


Pittsburgh +3.5 @ NY Giants (O/U 47.5)

Tom Coughlin's Giants are 6-2 ATS (.750) coming in on a four-game win streak.

Tom Coughlin's Giants are 50-30-2 ATS (.625) coming off an ATS win.


Dallas +4 @ Atlanta (O/U 47.5)

Jason Garrett is 9-5-1 ATS (.643) coming off a loss.

Jason Garrett is 8-1-1 ATS (.889) on the road, coming off a loss.


Buffalo +10.5 @ Houston (O/U 47.5)

Chan Gailey is 14-22-1 ATS (.389) on the road.


Philadelphia +3 @ New Orleans (O/U 52.5)

Andy Reid is 15-7 ATS (.682) on Monday Night Football.

Andy Reid is 8-4 ATS (.667) coming in on a three-game straight up losing streak.