The Cold, Hard Football Facts crew cracked a smile once – once.

It was this morning after sizing up our pair of fairly stacked teams on, our fantasy football slot machine.

FFSlots is quick, fun, free and easy.

Spin the reels. Pick a team! You can also create your own leagues for you and your friends in seconds, or simply try to top our Spin to Win girl, Melanie Pellowski (see video above). 

You can beat a girl, can't you?

There are cash prizes, too, including $200 for the first-place team. Znasty2 won last week. Here’s the Week 3 leaderboard and here’s a look at Znasty’s winning team.

Here’s a look at our two teams this week. Think you can spin up a better team? Give it a shot. (Note CHFF/Football Nation employees are not eligible for prizes; we play merely for the love of the fantasy football slot machine game.)