Speculating Potential USC Head Coaches In 2013

By Danny Norris
November 18, 2012 9:00 am
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The 2012 USC Trojans came into this season as the favorites to winning a National Championship, but are sitting with 4 losses and nowhere in the hunt for a National Championship. The fall back is always winning the Pac-12 Championship and going to the Rose Bowl. That didn't work out either and the Trojans won't even be playing in the Pac-12 Championship. The Trojans aren't going to win the South Division, and in fact, aren't even the best team in Los Angeles.

Saying that the Trojans fell way below expectations this season is an understatement. 

After the Trojans fell to the UCLA Bruins, Athletic Director, Pat Haden told reporters that Lane Kiffin will be back for the 2013 season. Well, I'm not buying it. We all know this is a cover, of course Hayden isn't going to make an rash decisions on the spot. He'll evaluate it, talk it out, and see how the Trojans play against Notre Dame and then make a decision. Or, at least, I would think. I don't know, I'm not in Pat Haden's head. I really hope he doesn't stick with Kiffin though.  So, hypothetically, let's say in a week or two from now we hear that Kiffin is fired, who should coach the USC Trojans in 2013? Let's have a little fun and speculate.

#1. Jack Del Rio
After the game, the first coach to pop into my head was Jack Del Rio. Del Rio has ties to USC, was the head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and is a defensive minded head coach. The Trojans need a defensive minded head coach to fix up this defense. Plus, Del Rio is a Trojan, he is such an ideal pick that it probably won't happen. Right now, he's the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, so, it's probably not easy to offer him the job when he has a job right now and is focused on that. It's not as if the Broncos are a bad team and everybody will be laid off. So, again, Del Rio, I think is the ideal pick, but not realistic. 

#2. DeWayne Walker
DeWayne Walker is another ideal candidate, but Walker is realistic. Walker has ties with USC, back in 2001 he was Pete Carroll's first hire. Walker was chosen to coach the defensive backs and is a really good defensive mind. Trojan fans know about that, back in 2006 he was UCLA's defensive coordinator where UCLA did a fantastic job in neutralizing the Trojans offense. Since 2009, Walker has been stuck at New Mexico State, where he hasn't been successful, but come on, it's NMSU. I don't think it's out of the question, I think this would be a great opportunity for him and an ideal coach for USC. A defensive minded coach that has been under Pete Carroll's system in the NFL and at USC. Plus, he's from Los Angeles, he knows the area. This, to me, is a match made in heaven. 

#3. Ken Norton Jr.
I don't think this is realistic as Norton seems happy up in Seattle and coaching under Pete Carroll, but it would be great to get Norton back. Norton was a heck of a linebackers coach, and a heck of a recruiter. Having Norton as head coach, I think he would really soften the blow of having a limited amount of scholarships. Plus, he just has that look of a head coach one day. He's an energetic guy, gets the players fired up, and you can just look at his resume. Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, even the Seattle Seahawks rookie Bobby Wagner is excelling. Norton is a heck of a coach. 

#4. Rex Ryan
Just to spice things up, I decided to throw in an odd ball candidate, Rex Ryan! Rex Ryan is a defensive minded coach, now again, this is just my personal list, just throwing some names out and personally I want a defensive minded coach in here. That's why all these defensive coaches are popping up, but why not Rex Ryan? Ryan has name value, he's probably going to be fired at the end of the season, so realistically it is possible. And if he got the USC job, he can have the "former New York Jets coach" tag on his resume, like Pete Carroll. 

Those are my top 4 I guess you can say, just off the top of my head hours after the loss to UCLA, but there are a lot of candidates out there. Or, may'be even just promote coach Ed Orgeron to head coach, who knows? We'll just have to see how it all plays out, how USC performs against Notre Dame, and we'll see if Kiffin keeps his job. Right now, it's just fun to speculate and dream of a future with a new head coach, because the future with Lane Kiffin doesn't look so good. 

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By Danny Norris
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2 years ago
so how much you selling the swampland for & how big is it....usc will beat Notre dame..and after they do i Wanna see you come in here with swampland papers in hand
although I am very disappointed in the way the trojans fell apart,and obviously lane Kiffin,but I do not think he forgot how to coach.
there seems to be an issue that is not getting outside for all to know about,think Patt Hayden maybe micromanaging him and the natural thing to do is,, send your boss a loud efu boss fire me message,Patt Hayden ,publicly says he supports Kiffin but privately Whos to say.we know he was not the person Hayden hired, when he became AD,both jeff fisher & jack del-Rio got very big pay raises & years added top their respective contract,as head coach of titan jaguars respectively,so they would leave the NFLranks to coach USC.
I believe Kiffin wants out and did UCLA to get himself fired,he does not feel appreciated by the new regime who are looking over his shoulder constantly,don't blame him for wanting out,but he should have chosen a better more appropriate way of taping out,and not losing to the other team in La,cause until thy win more often the way they have lately thy still will be,just the other team whose fans are belligerent ebonics fool who cant handle the cheap bunkweiser they pound,Wanna start Tish and care about insignificant crap way more than USC/fans even care.BOTH MORA AND KIFFIN WILL BE BACK IN THE NFL NEXT YEAR...FIGHT ON
2 years ago
why would you thru rex Ryan into the mix,what a buzz kill,why not just put Andy reed in there hi is also local,so is jimmy Johnson,all i know is pat Hayden is a very smart guy and micromanages Kiffin,that is why Kiffin let UCLA roll up the trojans,he wants out and getting fired possibly lets him get more money than if he turn in a resignation letter,i don't blame him for wanting out,i do take exception for letting the other team in LA do USC that way,and Untill thy win more often they will remain ,just the other team in LA
2 years ago

Thanks for the comments. I don't quite get everything you are saying, but let me touch upon a couple of points. I don't think Lane forgot how to coach, I do think though he can't handle the responsibility of being a head coach. He wants to be in control of everything, and it just isn't working.

I was just throwing out Rex Ryan just to be fun. He's a defensive coach, fiery guy, etc. And to answer the question, why not Andy Reid? Well, Reid's a bit old. He's been coaching the Philadelphia Eagles for awhile now and looks burnt out. Reid isn't someone USC needs to rebuild around.

And I don't think Mora will be going anywhere for awhile. Mora's W-L record got worse as he continued his NFL Head Coaching career. NFL teams will be hesitant to hire him for awhile, and UCLA won't be firing him anytime soon. If Karl Dorrell could keep his job for five years, UCLA has no plans of firing him anytime soon. So, that seems unlikely.

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