Chris Chandler and Rich Gannon wound up being Super Bowl quarterbacks late in their careers after playing journeyman. Their breakouts in the NFL came falling into the loving arms of a coach who could program offenses around them. For Chandler, it was Dan Reeves. Gannon was supercharged by Jon Gruden. 

Admittedly, Jamarcus Russell is more polarizing than Chandler and Gannon, even if they were combined and their collective annoying qualities multiplied by 600,000.

Between being the biggest QB draft bust since Ryan Leaf, having an unhealthy affinity for codeine, ballooning in weight, and reportedly running into financial troubles despite getting $31M guaranteed from the Raiders, Russell's a frequent punchline. Deservedly so, when you consider that he was out of the league in just three years.

With the news that Russell, who would be just 28 years old on opening day 2013, has shed 50 pounds and is gearing up for a comeback, Ian Rapaport of reports that some teams are reportedly interested in his services. Even if it's just to see how he looks in camp, and if they can mold an offense that benefits both him, as well as the team.

Here are six teams that should at least look at what Russell could offer them.